KIHS Visual Arts Teen of the Week—Theresa Surina  

KENT ISLAND — (May 20, 2019) — Junior Theresa Surina was another of four outstanding artist recently showcased from Kent Island High School that were honored at the Board of Education meeting May 1st in Centreville. Theresa earned three of the district’s first ten ever Scholastic Art Regional Awards. Scholastic is the longest-running and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7 – 12 in the country, and out of 340,000 submissions this year, Theresa earned two Silver Keys for works entitled, “Who am I” and “Eyes of the Sky”, in addition to earning an Honorable Mention for “String Turtle”. 
“Art has really helped shape me into who I am today,” says Theresa. “It has taught me to persevere and to try my best on everything I do. Art has helped boost my self-confidence [in that way]. Now I put myself out there and it’s been recognized, whereas before I used to think nothing I did would ever be good enough. Art is also a way to express myself and relax. Though, while I say that, it can also be the cause of stress and frustration especially when given a deadline, but it’s actually about getting past that point that has made me a better artist as well as a better person.”
Michael Bell, Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts, agrees with Theresa’s deep understanding of the value in pushing past those points of frustration and hopes she keeps going further. “Theresa has accomplished something most students in the country never get to experience,” Bell says. “Winning a Scholastic Art award puts her in elite company. It also speaks to her character that she recognizes the value in striving past any obstacle in her way. I’m glad she recognizes that if you keep going you just might experience something far greater than you could have ever imagined. I sincerely hope she keeps going with her art. She’s very talented.”
In addition to Theresa earning two Silver Keys and an Honorable Mention in Scholastic, she was also awarded 2nd place at Academy Art Museum’s student art showcase. Her sculptural work has also been displayed at Kent Island Federation of the Arts (KIFA) in the past.  
“Theresa is a hard working creative student who never settles for anything less than her very best,” says her art teacher, Andrea Schulte. “She spends countless hours taking work home to refine and extend her assignments. I really enjoy teaching Theresa in art because she’s not only an excellent student artist, but she is also a valuable leader through her dedication, her  work ethic, and honest critiques.”