Lecture Addresses Treatment for Traumatic Grief

On Thursday, March 25, the Center for Integrative Medicine hosts “When Grief Doesn’t Go Away” presented by psychotherapist Richard Gibson, LCSW-C. This free lecture begins at 7:00 pm at 607-B Dutchman’s Lane in Easton.

“When profound grief remains unresolved for many months, or even years, with debilitating symptoms of major depression, substance abuse or post traumatic stress disorder, we describe it as complicated or traumatic grief,” says Gibson, who practices psychotherapy at the Center for Integrative Medicine. “Fortunately, there are treatments for this condition today.”

Gibson will discuss EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a well-researched and preferred treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. “EMDR helps desensitize the traumatic loss of a loved one, and perhaps earlier losses of which the death is a reminder, helping the bereaved get ‘unstuck’ and return to normal functioning,” Gibson says.

For more information and to make reservation, call the Center for Integrative Medicine at 410-770-9400.