Lend a Hand- Meet Mareen Waterman: A Lifetime of Contributing

Mareen Waterman has spent a lifetime helping various organizations, whether through generous donations or by serving on committees or in leadership roles. He has worked with numerous local charities including the Red Cross, United Way, Little League and local 4H groups.

Over the last several years Mr. Waterman has donated to the Habitat for Humanity helping to build 16 new homes, and helped with the Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department expand their facilities. He was on the committee that enabled the Queen Anne’s Hospice to locate a permanent facility. Most recently he served on the Finance Committee for the new Emergency Room in Kent Island which helped raise money for new equipment for the facility. This he says probably had the most impact. Not only creating many jobs on the area, many have seen the dangers of not having an emergency facility nearby. In an emergency situation, as with a car accident or a heart attack, the extra time traveling to Anne Arundel or Easton can be critical. Since opening, the emergency room has seen over 12,000 patients, one of them Mr. Waterman’s own wife.

As a successful business owner, he believes he has a responsibility to give back. “I’m successful simply because of my community,” he says.