Lend a Hand: Roy and Sandi Droege

By Avra Sullivan

royandsandi (360 x 278)In 1997 Roy and Sandi Droege established the organization Computer Literacy for Kids, more commonly known as CLiCK. As a teacher, Sandi noticed that too often students who could most benefit from computer-assisted learning did not have access to computers. She and Roy founded CLiCK, a non-profit organization with the purpose to bring computer technology to needy youth (ages 5-22) in the six Mid-Shore counties of the Eastern Shore.

“Our goal is to help young people become stronger academic performers and ultimately to lead better, more productive lives,” says Sandi. Fully staffed and run by volunteers, CLiCK collects, refurbishes and places donated computers where they are most accessible to young people, usually in their homes, the schools they attend, and in neighborhood centers. All equipment and services are provided free of charge. By providing computers for students who may otherwise not have access, CLiCK helps them to stay up-to-date on computer technology and to improve their grades. It also encourages interaction between parents and teachers. Donors of the computer equipment know that their donation is going to a worthy cause. “And it allows us to “pay it forward”,” says Sandi.

Since its inception CLiCK has placed over 1000 computers. Recipients of these computers are selected by local social service agencies and school principals and teachers to ensure they are going to where they are most needed and will provide the most benefit. CLiCK places computers in homes and in public facilities or community sites that serve children and youth such as community centers, libraries, churches and schools. CLiCK provides all the equipment needed including the monitors, mice, keyboards, operating systems, and word processing and educational software.

CLiCK accepts donations of “gently used” computers that are not more than 5-7 years old. All donations receive a tax deduction. For more information on donating or on the CLiCK program, visit the webpage at www.sites.google.com/site/computerliteracyforkids/ or email Sandi at sdroege7@verizon.net.

Roy and Sandi are both graduates of Utah State University. They have lived in several states, including California, Colorado, Michigan and Virginia. They have 4 children and 12 grandchildren and enjoy family, travel and biking.