Let’s Rock: Mike Waskey

Let's Rock (225 x 142)Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter/Storyteller/Composer

How did you come up with your band name? Obviously, it is my name, but I did try a few other names before settling on the name my parents gave to me. One name was the “Complainey Complainerton,” but it seemed almost too sad, and no one could pronounce it. I also tried “Underground Weatherman,” but people would Google it looking for me, and a voilent 60’s radical group called the Weathermen Underground would pop up.

If you were to describe yourself in one sentence …what would you say? I profess to be a Jocund Iconoclast… a good-humored slob!

Do you have any other hobbies besides, obviously, making music? I enjoy reading a few good chapters of a book, but admit to usually finishing them by audio clip. I also spend a great deal of time at yard sales specifically looking for books I can resell to support my eCommerce business. If anyone has any books, please call or email me.

What’s your most embarrassing experience? My most embarrassing experience happened at a nursing home, typically a musician’s happy spot because they so enjoy music and the musicians always are appreciated. However, one particular day, my audio equipment was off and was producing some annoying feedback, which the audience did not like. They all ended up walking out one by one, and I received complaints about my performance and was told that my technology was no longer welcome.

Michael Waskey is a graduate of the distinguished Berklee College of Music and is well known for his songwriting and storytelling abilities. His music is a sophisticated blend of Folk Rock. He makes his living teaching guitar to future musicians, playing his music at private and public events, and donating his talent for local animal charity events. He enjoys playing his original music at coffee houses and his rendition of favorite cover songs at local pubs and bars. If you would like to book Michael for your party, event or venue call him at 443-822-4509 or email him at michaelwaskeymusic@gmail.com. Also be sure to LIKE him on Facebook! His next local performance will be at Shell’s Yes on October 12th!