Let’s Rock: Outta the Blue

Mark Terrence-Guitarist/Vocalist; Sean Pelan-Guitarist/Vocalist; Andy Harden-Bass; Tom Sabia-Drums

How did you come up with your stage name? Three out of the four original members were members of the band Blue Miracle. Their origins and musical roots boast a positive island vibe and the blue sky, waterfront venues that employ them seasonally are all characteristics that perfectly lend themselves to the name Outta The Blue.

If you were to describe yourself in one sentence …what would you say? We present great songs in a wide range of styles as dynamically and creatively as we can while still giving people the tunes they lover. We make every song our own and our musical repertoire has almost no limits.

Do you have any other hobbies besides making music? Andy and Tom are recreational boaters and often show up to waterfront gigs by boat. Sean is a teacher and enjoys finding ways to artistically and creatively teach students through the art of music. Mark lives for music and is a member of seven different bands, which includes Cuzzin Mark and Sean , a duo featured regularly at gigs around town including Hemingway’s Restaurant, where the duo will be playing on July 13 from 6-9pm.

What’s your most embarrassing experience? Mark says, “One night an intoxicated patron at Stan & Joe’s in Annapolis knocked our bass player through the drum stand during a rendition of Prince’s “Let’s Get Crazy”, ruining the drum and a valued PRS guitar of mine. And another night a guy threw up in my guitar… I could go on and on….”

Outta The Blue is a dynamic shape-shifting quartet hailing from the waters of the central Chesapeake. Comprised of top shelf area musicians, the band carries decades of experience as offspring from local favorites such as Frenchbread & The Chinamen, Blue Miracle, The Geckos, Interscope Records’ Lovenut, Key Lime Pie, and far too many other bands to mention. With an immense catalog of material to draw from, Outta The Blue’s mood ranges from quiet and sublime to full-on high energy sonic assault and everything in between. Whether you prefer tiki bar ballads, funk and dance grooves, classics or improvisational jams, Outta The Blue delivers. Support local music and come and get your groove on! Playing this Holiday weekend, Friday, July 5th at Kentmorr from 6-0 pm and Saturday, July 6th at Jellyfish Joel’s near Chestertown, 2-9 pm. We also will be the headlining band the Taste of the Narrows scheduled for October 12.