Little Creek Kung Fu Opens In Chester

LC1 (400 x 267)Grand opening celebration of the only Kung Fu school in the area included a traditional Chinese Lion Dance, music, food and Kung Fu demonstrations. Little Creek Kung Fu offers traditional Chinese WuDang Taiji, Qi Gong, and WuDang Kung Fu instruction as well Kung Fu based fitness training. Several upcoming events include visits from WuDang Masers from China this October. WuDang Kung Fu (which includes Taiji and other Chinese practices) comes from the famous Taoist temple in the WuDang Mountains in China. The monks on WuDang have practiced Kung Fu as part of their daily routine for centuries to keep fit, to protect themselves and the temple, and to further their Taoist studies.

The Celebration included many visiting and local Kung Fu masters and practitioners. Notably, Jing Ying Kung Fu institute performed the Lion Dance Ceremony and several demonstrations, Master Cooper came from California and performed Yang Style Taiji, Stephanie Mayer came from WuDang Wellness Center and performed a WuDang Sword Form.