Local Artist Takes a Contemporary Approach to Her Work

By Avra Sullivan

Candace Brush Britton would probably say that she didn’t go looking for art, but that art found her. Originally set on pursuing a career in architecture, she had some doubts about her career choice. An academic counselor suggested she look into visual art and take a few classes. She took the advice and enrolled at the University of Maryland College Park. She has been in love with art ever since.

Candace describes her work as whimsical, contemporary and somewhere between realistic and abstract. While her ‘first love” is oils, she also uses pastels, charcoals, mixed media and recently watercolors was added to the list. She talks about the process as being very therapeutic for her personally. “Paintings can often be easier to control than life, and art can be a way to escape and relax,” she says.

A busy mom of two young daughters, Candace juggles going to school, being a mom and wife, working and of course pursuing her art. She incorporates her daughters into her work who she says inspire her, and who also are up-and-coming artists. “With oils it’s important to have light. I work a lot at night, so often daytime is the only time I have to paint. I sometimes let my daughters play with the paints while I am working.” Her oldest, she says, is taking quite a liking to it!

Candace is finishing up her Bachelors in Art Studio and plans on working towards a Masters in Psychology with the thought of eventually practicing Art Therapy as a career. She hopes to use art to work with individuals, particularly children, who have experienced trauma or abuse or who face mental or physical disabilities.

Candace explains that a part of her is in each painting, making it difficult to let them go. Admittedly a perfectionist, Candace says that her work can get very detailed, and she works to capture the essence of what it is she’s trying to convey. Candace currently has several pieces on display and for sale at the O.C. Café in Ocean City; however, she is hoping to move into more commissioned work. “When painting for other people, I really put that person in the painting, not just their image but their essence as well.”

You can see many of Candace’s works on her Facebook page www.facebook.com/cb.creativeart. You also can contact her regarding sales or commissions through her email at cbrush@verizon.net.