Local Business Reaches Out To Area Youth for Summer Fun & Learning

trident (160 x 67)On Thursday, July 18th, Trident Aircraft hosted Alpha Best Summer Camp. Approximately forty children, aged 6 to 10 years old, visited the Bay Bridge Airport. Two flight instructors, Jarrett Kempen and Courtney Glasgow, were on hand to show the children around the airport and the airplanes on the ramp. Trident Aircraft displayed two aircraft, a Beechcraft Duchess and a Cessna 150, and allowed the kids to sit inside the cockpit and touch the controls. In the Cessna 150, the children stood in line awaiting their turn to sit side-by-side and become a pilot and copilot team. Once at the controls, one child would hold the yolk, turn it left and right, push it forward and pull it back. They would watch as the different control surfaces moved based on the inputs they themselves were making. As one “pilot” was flying, the other “copilot” would press buttons and pretend to talk on the radios. The kids liked play talking to other traffic, yelling, “Watch out for me, we’re flying!” and “I feel like Superman!” They would take turns “flying,” all giggling the whole time. In the Beechcraft Duchess, the kids waited in line for the same thing, but in addition to the two kids up front flying, two more kids sat in the backseat, playing passengers. The “pilot” and “copilot” would play they were taking their backseat riders on a fun adventure. Some went to New York, Disney World, even China! Behind the controls, imaginations ran wild. By visiting the airport and playing pilot for the day, a whole new generation of aviation interest was born. When the summer camp goers were boarding the bus, all were smiling and many exclaimed they would be pilots one day.