Looking for wedding day inspiration? Purchase your tickets today! Last day for VIP!

images-1Looking for wedding day inspiration? Purchase your tickets today! Last day for VIP!

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The question I am most often asked by brides is if a pre-trial hair and makeup appointment is necessary.  The pre-trial hair and makeup appointment is absolutely necessary for the following reasons:

  • First and most importantly, the pre trial provides the bride with reassurance that she has chosen the right salon.  No matter what hair styles or makeup techniques are required, the bride must have peace of mind that the salon is capable of making the bridal party look and feel beautiful on her Wedding Day.  Once we gain the brides confidence, she will be able to relax and enjoy her wedding day by knowing exactly what to expect, with no worries or fear.
  • Secondly, the salon has the opportunity to work with the bride’s hair and demonstrate makeup options, especially if the bride is undecided about hairstyles or makeup looks.  This is a good time to try out different clips, bows, flowers, etc. for the hair. In addition, if the bride has been thinking about wearing lashes to enhance their makeup, this would be a great time to experiment with accessories.
  • And finally, the bride and the salon can discuss reservation details and expectations for their visit on the day of the wedding.  We believe that the hair and makeup preparations are an important part of the wedding day experience.  Whether we are working on-site, or the bridal party is visiting the salon for their services, we strive to make this experience one to remember.   We are always happy to accommodate special requests to help make the big day special.

For a pre-trial hair and makeup appointment Contact Angie Monzeglio, Tangles Salon, tangles@kentislandsalon.com, http://www.kentislandsalon.com/, 212 Shopping Center Road, Stevensville, MD 21666, ph: 410-643-4449