Love “Bears” All Things: Meet Volunteer Cindy Baker

By Avra Sullivan

When Cindy Baker moved to the Kent Island area from Colorado a year ago, she knew she wanted to continue her volunteer with the Hospice branch here. Having had hospice services with both of her parents, she understood firsthand the benefits and compassion they offer families during a time of need. Cindy has been called the “heart of hospice.” She will help with administrative duties, weeding, anything that needs doing. Recently, she was able to use her hobby to help a woman who had lost her fiancé. Many people find it difficult to part with the clothing of a loved one who has passed. Hospice bears are small bears that are made out of an article of clothing from a loved one after they have deceased. This particular lady had many articles of clothing and even a suitcase that she hoped to have incorporated into a bear. The bears were regularly too small to include all the pieces. A lifelong quilter and bear maker for her family and friends, Cindy offered to make a bear and was able to use a piece of every article of clothing, including the Samsonite tag from the suitcase. (The bear was adequately named “Sam”.) “There is no paying job that is as fulfilling as finding a volunteer position you love,” says Cindy. “I am proud to be a hospice volunteer.” Originally from Cincinnati, Cindy and her husband have lived in several areas of the United States before settling here to be near their 6 children and 15 grandchildren.

On September 8th, Hospice will host a Sunset Celebration Fundraiser. Held at the Kent Island American Legion, from 5-9pm the evening will include a buffet dinner, drinks, music, auctions and more. For ticket information you can call 443-262-4106 or visit their website at Volunteers are welcome and encouraged and you can find more information about training and opportunities on their website or by calling.