Make A REAL Difference In Our Chesapeake Bay Watershed!

Legacy Institute For the Environment (LIFE) at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

Why participate in LIFE?
To join like-minded people on a mission to create a legacy of protecting the environment for future generations.

Who can become a Legacy Steward?
Maryland residents interested in learning more about the environment and desiring to volunteer time and talent at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center toward environmental education, research, restoration, and stewardship.

How does the Institute Prepare Participants?
Participants attend fascinating educational sessions and participate in site visits guided by expert scientists, environmental educators, and professional consultants.

LIFE classes begin February 17, 2012 and will be held each Friday for 9 weeks from 9:00AM to 2:30PM at CBEC campus. Classes are free.

For information or to apply, contact Courtney Leigh at or 443-262-2032.

Visit for additional information about Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.