March Is Home Month: Lighting

desing_tip_header (200 x 99)Treat vintage and second hand lighting as art. It can be cost effective and add great interest!

As I sat in the home of a fellow Bunco player last weekend, we all admired a 70’s Moroccan-inspired lamp with a velvet shade and embossed with grand crystal medallions. It was the kind of lamp most of us had in our basements in our childhood and that more recently would have been deposited in the local landfill or found at local Goodwill shops. It became the topic of most of our conversation that evening, and everyone fell in love with it.

So, it is fitting that vintage lighting is the inspiration for this week’s design tip.

Lighting fixtures are a great way to add interest to any room’s design. They can mimic artwork in a room’s decor, especially with all their different forms and interchangeable lamp shade options. The inspirational one I mentioned is not a likely candidate to find nestled in a Key West-inspired room boasting the iconic Jimmy Buffet Parrot décor. On the other hand, when it is considered a piece of art, it fits perfectly.

A great place to buy vintage pieces is on eBay, in antique and consignment shops and at yard sales. They sell for pennies and can serve as great design elements in any room. Another option for cutting costs and locating great deals is by purchasing floor models at local big box chains, which are seasonally changed out for newer models. I receive many comments on two crystal chandeliers installed in my home that retailed for more than $300 each and that I purchased for $35 each. I found them in a retail store when they were changing out seasonal displays. I simply asked the manager if I could purchase both of them; both were in excellent condition and only missing a box and their original instructions.

So, when it comes to buying lighting, take a chance and treat your lighting as a piece of art. It does not have to match your design scheme. Allow your lighting to be an inspiration for your room as well as a conversation topic for visitors.