Maryland’s First Solar Field in Worton

The solar field being constructed in the Kent County Business Park along Rt. 297 in Worton is the first stand-alone solar field of its size. The field will hold 650 solar panels that will generate 125 kilowatts of energy, or the equivalent of powering approximately 25 homes. Energy generated from the field will be sold to Choptank Electric Cooperative.

Each panel will be on a concrete pole 8 to 8 feet high and powered by an individual motor that would allow it to follow the track of the sun. The panels will be monitored remotely by computer, and the entire site will be surrounded by a fence and landscaping. Construction on the site is expected to start in two weeks.

Even though it is small in size, the solar field packs a big green punch. After 30 years the system will have the same environmental impact as planting more than 75,000 trees or the equivalent of taking nearly 550 cars off the road and removing almost 90 metric tons of CO2.