Mason Naecker…Motocross Maelstrom

By Ron Stafford

When the word champion comes to mind, you often think of someone who is older, very knowledgeable about the sport, and with a few years of experience under his or her belt. Now meet a local motocross champion, six-year-old Mason Naecker from Stevensville. He certainly does not meet the typical criteria of a racing champion. Mason demonstrated a passion for motocross racing at a very early age. His mother Jennifer says, “He began learning how to ride at age 2 and started racing when he was 4.”

In October 2010 and more recently this past November, Mason participated in the Mid-Atlantic Motocross Association Championship Series (MAMA) and in the Maryland and West Virginia State Championships in motocross racing. Dad Silas knew about MAMA and its family-focused background and thought it would be a perfect fit for Mason.

In these competitions, Mason rides either a 2011 Cobra 50cc Jr. or a 2008 Cobra 50cc P3 motorbike. He competes in various classes, including 50cc oil injection 4-8, 50cc stock 4-6, and 50cc shaft 4-6. Mason placed first in many of the races and placed second and third in several others.

Both of his parents are very involved in helping him prepare for the races and are great supporters of his passion for motocross racing. Locally, Mason practices and races at Easton MX, but his work in the sport has taken him as far as Elizabeth City, NC. Motocross racing for Mason is truly something he loves. “My passion for riding has helped me become one of the top competitors in my class.” He also adds that he knows what it takes to be a champion: focus, hard work, the right training and a positive attitude.

Mason plans to attend all major amateur events next year, including the Loretta Lynn Amateur National held in West Virginia, the Mini Olympics, the State Championships held in MD, DE and West VA, and the MAMA Points Series. Mason is fortunate to have sponsors like Easton MX support him. The sponsor’s logo is prominently displayed on his gear, bike, helmet and the motor home that houses Mason’s equipment. Jennifer says they are accepting more sponsors, and that she prefers these to be local.

The time involved in motocross racing is demanding. The season starts in March and ends in November, overlapping with some of the school year. With all the demands of motocross racing, Mason still manages to be an honor roll student at Kent Island Elementary School and also has won citizen and athlete of the year awards. Mason likes school and especially enjoys one subject. “I like gym, “he says with a smile on his face. Silas and Jennifer have two other boys, Maxx age 5 and Myles age 3, and are open to the possibility of them getting into motocross racing in their own way and in their own time.

Silas, Jennifer and the rest of the Naecker family are looking forward to what’s ahead for Mason, both in motocross racing and the rest of his life. Anticipating the upcoming 2012 season, Mason’s goal is to one day be a national motocross champion.

For more information on Mason and how you could become a sponsor or assist in other ways, contact Silas Naecker by phone at 202-439-2867 or email Silas at