Massage Improves Overall Health

By Deb Mowbray

“Massage keeps the body clean,” states Jessica Sage Thomas, LMP (Licensed Massage Therapist) and owner of Massage by Sage. “Muscles have memory; by staying on a massage maintenance plan, you can prevent them from going into an acute state,” she explains.

Jessica brings 11 years of experience and the latest in massage therapy to the eastern shore. She and fellow therapist, Travis Stansbury, offer an array of treatment options including Swedish message, lymph drainage, therapeutic deep tissue message, together massage (for couples), sports massage, and even pregnancy massage.

A specialty at Massage by Sage is Myofascial Release. This technique is described as a form of soft tissue massage used to treat muscle dysfunction and the resulting pain and restriction of motion. It is believed to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, and to stimulate the reflex of muscles and the overlying fascia (connective tissue).

A number of package options and specials are available at Massage by Sage including a $15.00 new client discount. For Valentine’s Day, the Together Massage for couples is $15.00 off the regular price of $135.00.

To learn more about the benefits of massage therapy and the services available at Massage by Sage, visit their website at or call 410-739-0018. Massages are given by appointment only at the studio located at the Waterman Plaza, 190 Country Day Road, Chester.