Maybe You’ve Already Met Sandra

By Sandra Zunino

People often say, if you want to learn something about Queen Anne’s County, go to Sandra Early. That is because Sandra has worked with almost every business and non-profit organization in this county in one way or another.

It’s not surprising Sandra is so entrenched in the county, a lifetime resident of QAC, her roots go back 12 generations as her family has been here since the 1700s. “It’s amazing how many people I’m related to,” she says. “It’s very eye opening to go to a family reunion.”

However, Sandra says it was working for seven year for the Queen Anne’s County Chamber of Commerce that introduced her to so many contacts. “I really got to know so many people,” she says, “all the business community and the county commissioners.”

It was those connections that helped build her client base when she launched her own business – Sandra’s Office Support. Through talking to chamber members, Sandra realized that many entrepreneurs struggle with devoting time to bookkeeping, filing and other office-related work.

Sandra caters to small business owners and non-profit organizations that cannot support a full-time or even part-time office staff. “A lot of what I do is accounting,” say Sandra, “also keeping websites up to date, helping plan events, whatever they need.”

She credits much of her business skills to her administrative assistant job at the chamber and the training she received under Deborah Dove who also worked there. “She taught me everything I needed to know at that time,” says Sandra, “including programs such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Word and Excel.”

Although she continued researching new programs and makes good use of the Internet to help her clients, she says it’s her OCD personality that is the key. “I’m good at dotting the Is and crossing the Ts,” she says. “Keeping things straight and organized is what I do best.”

Because Sandra works for so many worthwhile non-profit organizations like the Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department, the United Way and Business Queen Anne’s County, she is often seen volunteering additional time to the endeavors. “You can’t help it because they are such great causes,” she says. “When you are in the thick of it, you understand the need.”

Having never advertised, Sandra gets new clients from referrals. She says she feels blessed for having such a great job and working for great people. “When you work with the non-profits, you work with the best people the county has to offer.”

“I just keep thinking that I must be learning all of this for a reason,” she jokes. “Like someday when I grow up there will be reason as to why I’ve learned so many aspects of this County.”

Sandra says she is grateful for the support of her husband, Harry and her sons Harry and Matt, who have helped set up for events, worked booths and gone out of their way to play in the United Way Golf Tournament every year. “Hopefully, my boys have learned something about getting involved in your community and giving back,” she says.

For more information on Sandra’s Office Support, call 410-643-6288.