Mediation Center Elects New Officers

Mid Shore Community Mediation Center recently elected new officers to its Board of Directors for 2010. Philip Conner succeeds Peter Rohman as President. Conner was the longtime owner of Crockett Brothers Boatyard in Oxford and has served on the Mediation Center board since 2008.

After serving as President for the past three years, Rohman remains a board officer, in the position of Treasurer. Vivian Fuller was elected as Vice President and Mary Yancey as Secretary.

Conner thanked Rohman for his continuing leadership commitment to Mid Shore Mediation and commended him for the work he has done in promoting the growth of the organization. The Center was formed in 2005 with ten volunteer mediators. About forty trained volunteers currently participate in offering a growing range of no-cost mediation services to the community.

Conner has been a volunteer for three years. He hopes to keep broadening the organization’s reach into the community and awareness of its value.

“We need to continue expanding our horizons and establishing relationships with attorneys and professional mediators,” he said. “Mediation offers a low-cost alternative to the legal system. The more people who know about the valuable services we offer, the more we will grow in terms of mediations conducted, volunteer recruitment and donations to keep us going.”

Mid Shore Community Mediation Center provides options for resolving a wide variety of conflicts peaceably, often allowing matters to be settled without the need to go to court. Parent/teen disputes, creation of parenting plans, landlord/tenant conflicts, neighbor disagreements and many other issues can be resolved by the participants themselves through the help of the Center’s volunteers.

For more information on mediation, to make a contribution, or to volunteer as a mediator, call Mid ShoreCommunity Mediation Center at 410-820-5553 or visit