Meet Tammy Rigoli: Providing A Ray of Hope Through Ravens Nest and Hospice of QAC

By Avra Sullivan

Tammy Rigoli takes her love of football to a whole new level. She is a member of the Ravens Nest 20 in Queen Anne’s County. Much more than simply a football fan group or social club, Raven’s Nest 20 “continually strives to be dedicated to supporting the Baltimore Ravens and working towards the betterment of our community.” Since the Ravens Nest 20 inception, Hospice of Queen Anne’s has been their designated charity. Hospice of Queen Anne’s is an organization Tammy feels strongly about, both for their dedication to this community and for very personal reasons.

In March of 2012, Tammy and her family suffered three very difficult losses. Her uncle, her mother-in-law and her cousin all passed away that month. During their final days, Tammy saw firsthand what Hospice is all about. “I always thought, as I’m sure a lot of people do, that Hospice is an organization that only steps in when death is knocking at the door. I learned this is not the case. Hospice is here not only to assist the individual who is ill, but to also help the families of those individuals through their Bridges Pre-Hospice Program.”

Tammy learned from Hospice how to help her family through the difficult last days of her mother-in- law. She also learned about the training programs Hospice offers. Within just a few short weeks, she will complete Hospice Training in Patient Volunteering, Bereavement and Vigil training and Outreach Development. “I have always enjoyed helping friends, family and even strangers through trying times. I am truly honored and blessed to be able to volunteer with Hospice of Queen Anne’s and only hope and pray that I am able to provide for others the love, comfort and care that was afforded my family.”

Tammy and her husband Steven have owned and operated Island Imports Automotive, Inc., located in Stevensville since 1998 and have one teenage son. Tammy enjoys “spending as much time as I can with family and friends as well as gardening and cross-stitching.” Other charitable organizations she is involved with include the CONNOR Smiles 5k/10k/Fun Run, Quarters for Connor, Cancer Comfort Angels and Team Pink Survivors. Tammy says she “believes that giving back, no matter how big or small, really does make a difference and practices the idea of “Paying It Forward” somehow, someway every day!” She is very grateful to Hospice for the counseling and ongoing support they offered to the youth in our community after the tragic accident that recently claimed the life of a young QACHS boy.

For more information on Hospice of Queen Anne’s County, visit or call 410-262-4106. For information on the Ravens Nest 20, please email president Mike Parsons at