Meet the Artist: Jack Ehmann, Kent Island Federation of Arts

jackJack Ehmann, an artist with the Kent Island Federation of Arts, pursued his passion as a photographer after retiring from a long career in the brewing industry. His home, located on Muddy Creek, was the perfect background for a budding scenic photographer. In the 1960’s while raising a family, Jack purchased his first camera. He was questioned about the lack of family members in his photos, but his passion for scenery soon emerged.

After retiring, Jack began photographing the wildlife he would see in his backyard. Setting up a tripod on his deck so that he could catch wildlife at a moment’s notice became a full time hobby. He had no formal training, just a keen eye for composition.

Jack began subscribing to photography magazines and Time Life Books, absorbing all the tips on photography. One day he was lucky enough to photograph a bald eagle, which led him to James Anos, a National Geographic photographer who reviewed his work and encouraged Jack’s new-found passion.

Jack continued to develop his work and took a photography course at the Queen Anne’s Art Council, which gave him confidence in his skills. He met current KIFA president Nancy O’brien, who invited him to join KIFA and showcase his work.

Jack’s work is influenced by famed photographer Ansel Adams. He most admires Adams for his composition and old school practices. Like Adams, Jack tries to photograph his subjects without digital manipulation. He tries to get an instantaneous picture with a complimentary composition. Unlike Adams, his work is in color rather than black and white.

Jack is an active member of KIFA, showcasing his work at their Annual Member’s Photography Challenge Show and in other shows. His works also have been displayed regionally at the Queen Anne’s Arts Council, Fisherman’s Art Show benefiting Hospice, Chesapeake College, Annapolis Maritime Museum, Johns Hopkins at AAMC in Chester and currently at the Heritage Center at the Kent Narrows.

Jack enjoys being a member of KIFA He is impressed with the members’ enthusiasm and their dedication to maintaining a grassroots organization to keep the arts alive in the area.

Come celebrate KIFA’s 50th Anniversary with Jack. He is one of 50 artists whose works will be up for auction at the Artasia Gala scheduled for November 9. Tickets are $100 each and can be purchased at KIFA, located at 405 Main Street in Historic Stevensville. Call 410-643-7424 for additional information or visit www.KIFA.US. Posters commemorating the 50th year and featuring the art of nine artists also can be purchased for $5. Don’t forget to purchase a $50 raffle ticket and a chance to win a boat from their partner Annapolis Boat Sales. The winner of the boat raffle will be announced at the Gala.