Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Supports Easton Physical Therapy Program

Shore Rehabilitation at Easton added electric adjustable parallel bars to its inventory of physical therapy tools thanks to a donation from the Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

The Performa™ electric parallel bars give the physical therapist the ability to quickly adjust the height of the bars to accommodate patients of different heights. The bars can also be quickly elevated as a patient simulates climbing steps by stepping up onto a box.

Therapists can use accessories with the parallel bars to enhance the patient’s coordination. For example, a balance beam can be attached to the platform for the patient to walk on between the bars. An abduction board is a plank that can sit vertically on edge between the feet to prevent either foot from pulling across the center line as the patient steps forward.

“The parallel bars and accessories are used by any patient who is having difficulty with walking or balance while walking,” says Frank Rath, PT, Manager of Outpatient Rehabilitation for Shore Health System. “We like to safely challenge the patient as much as possible. When the patient can meet that high challenge, walking across the room becomes a piece of cake.”

Shore Rehabilitation at Easton is located at 10B Martin Court on Idlewild Ave. For more information, call 410-820-3080 or visit

In photo: Shore Rehabilitation at Easton physical therapists Sara Lettelleir, PT, (left) and Kathleen McFadden, PT, (right) spot Memorial Hospital Auxiliary volunteer Terry Stephan as she balances on a fitness training ball between the parallel bars.