Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers Receive Service Awards

MHE Aux 2009 service awards 1109 (400 x 271)The Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital celebrated over 240,000 hours of service volunteered by 114 members who reached service milestones in 2009. The service awards luncheon and awards ceremony was held on November 3 at the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford.

The service award recognizes a volunteer’s total service accumulated through June 1, 2009. During the ceremony, Julie Wojcik and Diane Bisanar were distinguished for reaching 14,500 lifetime hours. Marian Miller was honored for her 14,000 hours of service.

Other service awards were presented to Elizabeth Lechthaler, Irene Lechthaler and Dolores Mothershead for 10,000 hours; Nancy Klapka and Pauline Lane for 8,500 hours; Margaret Blair, Ann Northrop and Virginia Quinton for 8,000 hours; Carlyn Henschen for 7,500; Joyce Frigon for 6,000 hours; Debbie Hayes for 5,500 hours; Irene Heller for 5,000 hours; Elva Pierce and Joe Shultz for 4,500 hours; and Patsy Fearins, Ernest Fisher, Gail Jenkins, Ellicott McConnell and Polly Morgan for 4,000 hours.

These Auxiliary members were honored for attaining volunteer service milestones: Rita Dulin, Maryalice Halley, Neal O’Shea and Sabine Simonson (3,500 hours); Mary Ann Clark, Minola Repole, Robert Sausser, Terry Stephan and Bertha Wilson (3,000 hours); Codie Codispoti, Joyce Cohee, Camille Kneale and Phyllis Widerkehr (2,500 hours);  Carolyn Behr and Suzanne Ewing (2,000 hours);  Lee Fairbank, Janet Granger, Bill Jenkins, Lorraine Kelly, Joyce Kent, Virginia Lemon and Carol O’Hare (1,500 hours); Carole Anderson, Juanita Haddaway, Maschell Hines, Marsha Jewett and Frances Sloane (1,000 hours); Marilyn Bates, Doris Leverage, Gary Nickerson, Carol O’Malley, Dorothy Palmer, Carolyn Shanks, Sue Shortall and Rosemary Trippe (750 hours); Carolyn Gillman, Betty Ann Hager, Emilie Joshi, Mary Jurceka, Lois Krum, Audrey Luetters, Beverly Milam, Elmer Parkerson, Edna Pettit, Florence Tarleton, Hosanna Watkins and Joan Whiting (500 hours); Janet Bascom, Marge Berman, Virginia Blades, Barbara Brown, Anna “Polly” Carroll, Art Cecil, Ethel Mai Cronshaw, Virginia Curtin, Douglas Gibson, Theresa Knotts, Ada LeFevre, Mary Jane Marshall, Beverly O’Brien, Donald O’Brien, Edith O’Donnell, Mary Ann Ray, Jan Riley, Evelyn Sedlack, Susan Silver, Arden Somers, Etta Todd and Helen Williams (250 hours); and Shari Anderson, Carol Arendse, Elaine Bednarz, Dianna Betsch, Helen Brom, Judith Coffren, Sharon Crossling, Myrna Darragh, Beth Gadow, Liz Hannegan, Fred Hock, Sharron Lee Jamarik, Connie Kilgallon, George King, Nancy Latham, Kay McFadden, Joe Murphy, Nancy Murphy, Ethel Palmer, Ruth Quiri, Claudette Ross, Candy Schwadron, June Sullivan and Nancy Williams. (100 hours).