MES Visual Arts Pre-teen of the Week—Jade McConnell

STEVENSVILLE — Jade McConnell is a talented 5th grade artist at Matapeake Elementary. According to Jade’s art teacher Mrs. Shannon Francis, her talent in art is seen every single day. Her artwork has recently been selected for display at numerous shows, including the prestigious Academy Art Museum’s Mid-Shore Exhibition and annually at Kent Island High’s annual Artscene. Her passion for the arts and creativity shines in all her art endeavors. She strives to push the boundaries of where her art can go and continues to try new processes, techniques and materials in each of her artworks.

“I like art because it’s unique and different,” said Jade. “You get to express your emotions and that’s one thing I really like about art. Making art just makes me feel happy and calm. I am inspired by how I feel and the artwork that I see.”

When asked what she likes to draw, Jade says she enjoys drawing people and experimenting in her sketchbooks.

“I think of an idea and draw it. Now I’m starting a graphic novel about two little characters that are going on an adventure about art. I’m going to research famous artists and artworks, and art history. The characters are one little frog and a dinosaur. Frogs are one of my favorite animals and I thought a dinosaur to go with it would be a good idea.”

In addition to drawing, and creating narratives with her artwork, she also likes working with clay.

“I like getting all messy, it’s fun, just experimenting with the clay is fun,” said Jade.

She says one day she wants to become an illustrator, author, or both.

“I am going to sell some of my artwork that I created. They are paintings on canvases. I like really bright colors of paint. I like doing ombre effects with watercolors. I have a spray paint painting of outer space where I used a bowel as a stencil for a planet and I sprayed over it for the circle,” said Jade.

Mrs. Francis shared, “As Jade’s art teacher, I am proud and excited to see what lies ahead for her in the art world. Jade inspires her peers to persevere through encouragement and shares her creative ideas of possibilities for their artwork. Jade allows herself to take risks and bring her art to the next level, looking for where details or pops of color can be added. She is an artist who continually strives to explore the art world in all it encompasses.”

Look to see Jade’s artwork, along with many of her peers at ArtScene 2024 at Kent Island High School on Thursday, April 25th, starting at 5pm!