Milkshake Concert

Kids want music that doesn’t compromise on rock and roll spirit, has lyrics that relate to them and is presented in an upbeat, rocking style they can move to.  Milkshake’s music does all this and delivers a high-energy stage show that is not to be missed. Milkshake is a band on a mission and that mission is to create great rock music for kids.

The Milkshake Duo featuring Lisa and Mikel will perform Saturday, March 13 at 9:30 a.m. on Kent Island at the Four Winds Performing Arts Center.

When lead singer Lisa Mathews and her music partner, Mikel Gehl began writing and performing music for kids they both had newborns at home.  As their children have grown so has their music.

“Kids don’t seem to have any rules for what music they like:  no peer pressure, no ‘is it cool?’ Writing music for children is incredibly liberating: you don’t have to think about getting airplay; you don’t even have to think about whether the music sounds contemporary.  We can use clarinet, triangle, sound effects — anything that comes to mind,” said Mathews. “It doesn’t have to be “rock band” cool.  We can write about the silliest things, and as long as we’re real and having fun, kids like it.

“But we’re rock musicians,” she continues. “So we bring that to Milkshake — and that’s what parents like. Kids, no less than grownups, deserve great rock music they can call their own.”

Milkshake was nominated for the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album.  Their stage show and CDs have won approval from preschool kids to primary elementary grade students.

This concert is underwritten by the Four Winds Performing Arts commitment to the youth of the community so tickets are just $5.  The Four Winds Performing Arts Center is co-located at Christ Church Parish,Kent Island, 830 Romancoke Rd. (Route 8 South next to the American Legion) Stevensville.  For tickets to the Milkshake Duo with Lisa and Mikel visit or call 888-770-4120 for more information.