New Windows, New Wife! Stevensville Couple Celebrates 25 Years!

The way to a man’s heart is through…the window? I don’t think that is quite the way the quote ends, but for Lynn Hahn, it could be. On July 31st 2012, Lynn and her husband Jeff will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, and it all started with some new windows!

Jeff had just purchased a house and wanted to install new windows. “They wouldn’t give us the financing unless we were married,” explains Lynn. Having known each other and been dating for some time, they married on July 31st 1987. “Everyone said it would never last but, years later, here we are.” When asked what is the key to their happy union? “Trust and we never miss a chance to say I love you!”

The Hahns have seen their share of ups and downs. A particularly challenging time came when Jeff who was in the Army National Guard was deployed in Iraq for a year. While difficult, Lynn said it had no major effect on their relationship. “I love him more now than I did when I married him.” Their greatest accomplishment? Their kids, including five grandchildren!

On July 28th the Hahns will commemorate their anniversary by renewing their vows and having a 70’s style themed party with friends and family.