Night Time Computers…It’s The Right Time (And Place)

By Ron Stafford

If your PC suddenly crashes or is invaded by a pesky virus or malware, call Night Time Computers in Chester to help restore your computer…and your sanity. Owner Fred Long and his team of five computer professionals are experts in their field and can assist with any PC needs that arise. Fred’s knowledge of computers and their repair and installation dates back to 1997, and the Chester store has sold and serviced computers since April 2009.

Fred and his team of technicians, who all have backgrounds in information technology, are able to deal with a range of customer needs. “Everyone will have a problem with their computer at some time,“ he says. “I want our customers to trust us, and to know they are paying for exactly what they need, nothing more. We will give them honest answers, and we can go to their location so they don’t have to lug computers around in their cars.”

In addition to standard PC problem-solving, Night Time Computers’ staff also specializes in the support of hardware and software systems and program development specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual customer. To provide a full complement of computers services, Fred and his staff have experience with networks, including how to set up and maintain network applications and servers, routers, hubs and switches.

With the current state of the economy, Fred knows it’s important for businesses to make a powerful connection with their customers. In acquiring this business, he had a sense of strong idealism, which quickly turned into reality. Fred intends to grow his business and be able to serve an even larger segment of the community. “I would love to see three more stores in addition to this location.”

Fred is focused on putting the right service people in the right places to better serve his customers. “Service-oriented calls are our bread and butter. We want everyone to say that Night Time Computers is number one when it comes to servicing computers,“ Fred noted.

To improve the customer experience, Fred is looking at making several enhancements to the recently acquired business. He finds the company name is sometimes confusing since it implies his company only makes nighttime service calls. In fact, business hours are Monday through Friday from 11am to 8pm and Saturdays from 10am-3pm. He also is looking at expanding his hours of operation and revamping the company’s website.

Fred is especially pleased to be a sponsor of the Kent Island Youth League. He proudly displays a team jersey with Night Time Computers listed as a sponsor on the back.

Ultimately, Fred wants to be the kind of community computer store that customers can trust. He believes that by meeting at the customer’s location, fixing only what’s needed, and leaving the customer with a sense that the job will be done right the first time, the community will embrace Night Time Computers as its “hometown” computer store.

For more information, call Fred at 1-800-278-4616 or visit his website at You can also drop by the store, which is located on the corner of Route 18 and Route 552 (Dominion Road) in Chester.