One Door Closes; Another One Opens

The determining vote on whether Chesapeake College will get their new medical center, named The Chesapeake College Center for Allied Health and Athletics, will be decided by the outcome of the upcoming legislative session. Kent County Commissioners have determined that they are in favor of funding for the new center, but won’t make a decision until they find out if the state is going to put more financial burdens on the counties. Many representatives from Chesapeake College were present at the Kent County Commissioners meeting on March 6 to present their case to the commissioners. They opened their dialogue by stating that with the Easton Hospital moving they would need a new place to educate their students. They also noted that the space they have available now was very limited, and they had to turn away about half the students.

They submitted a letter to the commissioners, with full details on the importance of The Chesapeake College Center for Allied Health and Athletics. Two counties have approved funding for the center, while two have voted against. Kent County has to make the deciding vote. The commissioners have discussed and decided that they would like to approve funding, but have to wait on what is decided at the upcoming Legislative Session. If there is more fiscal responsibility passed down to the county, they will have to seriously look over the budget and determine if it is possible for the county to help with the college.