One Mission Cambridge Celebrates First Anniversary

One Mission Cambridge recently celebrated its first anniversary with a picnic at its location at 614 Race Street in Cambridge. Over 100 people came to the event which provided food and drink.

According to Krista Pettit, Director of One Mission Cambridge, the organization served a record number of clients in the last two months. In May and June, One Mission Cambridge Center served 710 different individuals, supporting 1673 people, including 533 children, 772 adults, and 368 seniors.

“After one year, the news has spread about our services. Our location has proved ideal to serve some of the community’s most vulnerable populations. One Mission Cambridge is about the Body of Christ working together – combining resources and people. This past year, our churches have come together in supporting our combined missions of loving God and loving our neighbors. All Christian Churches are invited to participate in what we are doing,” she states.

To date, One Mission Cambridge provides quality programs, including a food pantry, community navigation, community dinners, and counseling services.

Resident Terry of Cambridge, comments about One Mission Cambridge’s food pantry, “It’s so nice to be able to pick out what you want like the grocery store. I hate to throw away food because often somebody else with kids could use it. I also participated in a Bible Study they have during the day and have also met a lot of new friends at the community dinner. One Mission Cambridge is helping a lot of people.”

Another client of the nonprofit, Brenda of Cambridge, shares, “I am getting less from the grocery store at the end of the month because of inflation and my food stamps don’t get me through anymore. One Mission Cambridge is located in the right spot for the people who need it.”

For other clients, some who own their own homes, using the resources of One Mission Cambridge means being able to make ends meet to be able to stay in their homes. Married couple Ray and Pat of Cambridge are living on limited income due to disabilities. The couple even thought of selling their house to be able to pay their bills.

“This place has been such a blessing to us. We attend the community dinner once a month and shop at the food pantry beforehand where we can shop for our own food items. We even try to give back by giving other clients rides home,” states Ray.

“The older you get, there are not as many resources to help you. We are forever grateful,” adds his wife Pat.

One Mission Cambridge is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, from 1 to 6 p.m. for services. For additional information visit, Facebook, and Instagram, or call 410-901-3959. For further information about donating to One Mission Cambridge, contact Krista Pettit at 443-521-6825. Donations can be made to One Mission Cambridge, P.O. Box 815, Cambridge, MD 21613.