Parent Coalition Offering Tools to Parents

The newly formed Talbot Parent Coalition has announced a number of new tools available to parents who are concerned about possible drug and alcohol use by their children. In addition to the resources and information provided on their website and Face book, the Parent Coalition is now offering free sample Alcohol and Drug testing kits.

According to Beth Williams, Steering Committee member, parents feel they need not only more information about the drug and alcohol problems in Talbot County, but also more tools to deal with suspected activity both in their home and in the community. The free sample Alcohol and Drug testing kits can be obtained from Talbot Partnership, located at 8 Goldsborough Street 410-819-8067

In addition to making these sample Alcohol and Drug testing kits available to parents, the Coalition has developed tools to anonymously notify other parents of concerns that they might have regarding other youth using drugs or alcohol, or parents illegally allowing or providing alcohol or drugs. Parents can access these tools through the Parent Coalition website or Face book.

The Parent Coalition was formed under the support of Talbot Partnership, a 501c3 non-profit organization, to get the issues of alcohol and drugs on the table and discuss what more parents can do to better understand the challenges and opportunities our youth face. Talbot Partnership, which was founded in 1991 as a community coalition, encourages the community to recognize the problems and implement solutions related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse by implementing policies, promoting early intervention programs and building a community culture that favors drug-free youth.

Community members and parents are welcomed and encouraged to get involved. Our next Parent Coalition meeting will be in February. Sign up for our e-newsletter on our facebook page “Parents’ Coalition of Talbot Partnership”

For further information on the Parent Coalition, visit our website or Face book, or contact