pecometh-garden-3 pecometh-garden-7PECOMETH’S SUSTAINABLE GARDEN

Recently, the sustainable garden located at Pecometh Camp and Retreat Ministires in Centreville, Maryland, has growth substantially, partially due to the influx of beneficial insects that were added to it. Specifically, Syngenta BioLine, headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices and facilities located around the world, donated lace wing insects, parasitic wasps, and Orius insects. All of these insects are produced by Syngenta BioLine at their state of the art insect-rearing facilities around the world. They are literally beneficial insect factories.

Also, Harrells, LLC, based in Lakeland, Florida, donated great amounts of product, including one ton worth of EarthMax G to help improve the health of the soil. They also donated many OMRI listed insecticides and fungicides for use in plant IPM (integrated pest management) programs. Finally, they donated some liquid fertilizers to help keep the plants content and productive. Matt Shultz, whose brother, Chris, is chef at Pecometh, was instrumental in making all of this happen. For more information, contact Pecometh Camp and Retreat Ministries at 410-556-6900 or visit them online at