Plastic Free QAC’s Rethink the Straw Campaign

Grasonville— — To celebrate Plastic Free July, worked with local restaurants to launch its “Re-Think the Straw” campaign. The goal of “Re-think the Straw” is to reduce the number of single-use straws used in Queen Anne’s County. Thousands of plastic straws end up on our roadsides, in our waterways, and in our landfills, and they are there forever, since plastic never truly breaks down.
“Generally, a diner’s experience is, if you order a drink, it automatically comes with a straw, and often that straw is single-use plastic. We invited some of our local restaurants to sign the Pledge to “Re-Think the Straw” and only offer straws upon request. This saves the restaurants money, since they won’t be using as many straws, and will go a long way to keeping our environment clean and safe,” Sara Shelley, Co-Founder and President . “On average, restaurants that offer straws on request save 30-40% on their annual purchase of straws,” she added.