Popular Artist Christine O’Neill Teaching at KIFA

At the Kent Island Federation of Arts member meeting on August 25, it was announced that the guest speaker, artist and charter captain Christine O’Neill will be teaching ‘Skills For Painting’, an all encompassing hints and tips painting class, at KIFA beginning on September 8.

This class will address some of the often overlooked, necessary skills to create a piece of art. Students will work with watercolors and drawing instruments to investigate color; the use of photographs; right brain exercises; learn quick tips working with figures and faces; use of perspective drawing skills in architectural features; atmospheric perspective, how to show distance in a landscape; and last but not least, composition.

Christine is an artist whose current home is a sailboat on the Chesapeake. She has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean, South America and the U.S. Many of her paintings are inspired by the places she has visited. Ms O’Neill will be leaving for the Bahamas in October to spend the winter months, so don’t miss this opportunity to study with her.

The class will be held on Thursday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. on September 8, 14, 22 and October 6, 2011. The cost is $80 for members and $110 for others. This class is appropriate for beginner and intermediate levels and will be held at KIFA, 405 Main St, Stevensville. For more information call 410-643-7424 or to register online go to www.kifa.us.