QA Amateur Radio Operators at “Art of the Deals,” Centreville

The Queen Anne’s Amateur Radio Club (QAARC) operators will demonstrate some of their communication equipment and provide information about amateur radio and their club at the “Art of the Deals.” The demonstration takes place on Saturday, June 15, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Courthouse Square, Centreville, MD.

Amateur radio operators using small transceivers with very low power (know as QRP) will demonstrate how to communicate with other amateurs around the world using inexpensive, low power equipment and antennas.

Two devices for local communication will also be demonstrated. One is a tiny two-watt transceiver the size of a cigarette pack that is used to communicate on both very high (VHF) and ultra high frequencies (UHF) for unit-to-unit communication or via a repeater that retransmits the signal at much higher power.

The second device is a “go-kit” contained in a kitty-litter container. This transceiver also operates on VHF and UHF with power as high as 50 watts. It can be a self-contained base station.

Literature about amateur radio in general and about the club in particular will be available. Stop by the club canopy at “Art of the Deals.”

“Art of the Deals” is a fun community-wide extravaganza featuring music, information tables, and arts vendors on the grounds of the original Courthouse Square. The Farmers’ Market will be open and downtown merchants will have specials and sales for a day full of bargains.

For further information, contact the QAARC President, Mike Widdekind, 410-739-8718 or e-mail to