QA Press Release- 10/11/2013

image001 (400 x 133)If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at



DATE / TIME: 09/26/2013 @ 1220 Hours

LOCATION: 417 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM: Factory Brand Shoes

ARREST: Sharahonda Christina Cook (28) of Queenstown

CHARGE: Theft $1000 to $10,000 / Theft Scheme


NARRATIVE: District Manager of the company reported an employee had admitted stealing shoes and cash during her employment. By her own estimate over $6300 had been stolen while working for the store. Sharahonda Cook was placed under arrest and charged with Theft and Theft scheme.


DEPUTY: Deputy Scott Hogan

ASSIST: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE: 13-29138


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 09/26/2013 @ 2115 Hours

LOCATION: 400 Block of Tilghman Neck Road, Centreville

VICTIM: John Harper of Centreville

ARREST: Pending Service

CHARGE: Burglary / Theft


NARRATIVE: Victim’s brother was hunting the property earlier and as he was leaving noticed someone with a light in a storage shed. As he walked closer to the shed, a leaf blower, hunting clothes and a weed eater was sitting outside the shed. When the male was confronted he gave several excuses why he was there. After he was told to put the items back, the brother photographed the man, his driver’s license and pickup.


After contacting his brother, the burglary was reported to the Sheriff’s Office.


Deputy Jones completed an application for charges and on October 8th an Arrest Warrant was issued for Andrew Glenn Gerber (36) of Easton charging him with Burglary 2nd Degree, 4th Degree and Theft.


DEPUTY: Deputy Mitchell Jones

CASE: 13-29202



DATE / TIME: 09/27/2013 @ 1523 Hours

LOCATION: 200 Kent Landing, Stevensville


ARREST: Pending


NARRATIVE: Loss Prevention at the store reported stopping an African-American male as he was attempting to leave the store with unpaid merchandise including a bedding set, trash bags and toilet paper. When stopped the man ran to a waiting car driven by a white male (NFD). There was also a white female passenger described as heavy with dark curly hair. The car was a silver Honda.


The suspect was described as 6 foot tall, very athletic build and bald with no facial hair. The recovered items were valued at $147. Investigation continues.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE: 13-29275


INCIDENT: Domestic / Theft / Handgun

DATE / TIME: 09/27/2013 @ 1753 Hours

LOCATION: 300 Block of Spring Road, Millington

VICTIM: Teresa Kleinen of Millington

ARREST: Kenneth Vernon Lee (25) of Nottingham, MD

CHARGE: Theft, Possession of CDS, Handgun Violation


NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to the area for a reported physical domestic. As the first deputy was arriving he saw a male on Spring Road with several bags and stopped. The man advised he had just left the residence because of an argument with his girlfriend’s mother. A second deputy arrived and remained with the man while the complainants were contacted.


Victim, Teresa Kleinen advised an argument with the man had ended with him grabbing her arm and then leaving with his belongings. The deputy with the man advised the man had suspected CDS (Prescription medication), several rings and a .357 bullet in his possession. Victim checked her residence and then advised she was missing several rings, prescription medication and a Rossi .357 Handgun with 4 rounds. A search of the bags resulted in the seizure of a Rossi .357 handgun.


Kenneth Lee was placed under arrest and charged with theft, possession of CDS and Possession of a handgun. Once processed he went before a District Court Commissioner who held him at the QA Detention Center on a $15,000 bail.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

ASSIST: Sgt. Earl “Duke” Johnston

CASE: 13-29292



DATE / TIME: 09/28/2013 @ 0050 Hours

LOCATION: Kent Manor Drive, Stevensville


ARREST: Bruce Vernon Raeke (31) of Hanover MD



NARRATIVE: A silver Ford Edge was seen making a turn from RT 8 onto Kent Manor Drive and driving on the opposite side of the divided roadway. The Ford was stopped and driver identified as Bruce Raeke who stated he had been drinking beer at a bar at Kent Narrows. Driver was asked to attempt field sobriety tasks and based on his performance was placed under arrest for DWI.


DEPUTY: Deputy Joey Timms

ASSIST: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-29331


INCIDENT: DWI / Resisting Arrest

DATE / TIME: 09/28/2013 @0107 Hours

LOCATION: Love Point Road, Stevensville

VICTIM: See Narrative


ARREST: Spencer Lamar Woodin (43) of Stevensville



ARREST: Harry Clifton Lowe (38) of Stevensville

CHARGE: Assault / Fail to Obey Lawful Order / Hindering / Resisting Arrest


NARRATIVE: Radar showed a vehicle speeding on Love Point Road and was stopped as pulled into a driveway of a residence. The driver, Spencer Woodin was contacted and an odor of alcohol was present. He was then asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks and was cooperative. Mr. Woodin stated he was coming from a bar in Stevensville and that he had had too much to drink.


As the driver was being placed under arrest, two passengers (male & female) exited the vehicle. The male passenger then began to interfere and appeared irritated. The female passenger attempted to restrain him from interfering but was pushed aside. After refusing to back away, Harry Lowe was placed under arrest, continued to cooperate and had to be placed on the ground to be handcuffed.


Both subjects were taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. Mr. Woodin was issued his paperwork for DWI and released to a sober friend. Mr. Lowe was processed and a District Court Commissioner required him to post a $1000 bond before being released.


DEPUTY: Sgt. Earl “Duke” Johnston

ASSIST: Deputy C. Harris – Trooper Overby (MSP)

CASE: 13-29334


INCIDENT: Motor Vehicle Accident / Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 09/28/2013 @ 0147 Hours

LOCATION: RT 544 near RT 213, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM: Male (Late Teens) of Millington


NARRATIVE: Deputy dispatched to location for a MVA involving a deer. On arrival paramedics were treating a passenger. Driver, Brian W. Jones of Millington advised he was taking the male to the hospital after he became upset over a girl and attempted to harm himself. While on the way a deer ran into the roadway causing an accident.


The male was transported to Chester River Hospital for treatment. MSP assisted and handled the accident scene.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner


CASE: 13-29336



DATE / TIME: 09/28/2013 @ 0809 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 400 Block of Bay City Road, Stevensville

VICTIM: Jon Harmon of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported sometime between the 25th and 28th someone had stolen his 2011 Yamaha 15HP Outboard motor from a small boat parked alongside his residence. The motor was valued at $2500.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE: 13-29347



DATE / TIME: 09/28/2013 @ 0900 Hours

LOCATION: 200 Block of Ackerman Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM: Sharon Wilkerson of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported someone had stolen her black mailbox with hand painted flowers. The mailbox was valued at $50.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE: 13-29351



DATE / TIME: 09/28/2013 @ 1650 Hours

LOCATION: 400 Block of Second Street, Crumpton

VICTIM: James Anthony of Crumpton


NARRATIVE: Victim reported someone had taken two 6 Gallon gas tanks from his boat sitting in his yard. One was orange plastic and the other was a burnt orange color aluminum with either Johnson or Evinrude stamped on it. The tanks were valued at $160 and taken sometime in the past week.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE: 13-29398


INCIDENT: Possession of CDS / Underage Possession of Alcohol

DATE / TIME: 09/29/2013 @ 0106 Hours

LOCATION: St. Mary’s Road, Chester


NARRATIVE: Neighbors reported that there was a suspicious vehicle at a nearby residence known to be a vacation home. Deputies responded and found three subjects in a pickup truck at the location. One of the subjects stated the residence was a family member’s property. An odor of alcohol was noted coming from the truck and all three subjects were underage to possess alcohol.


A check of the cab resulted in the seizure of beer, whiskey and suspected marijuana. A fake ID card was also seized. The two males (19) from Annapolis and Linthicum were released pending charges. A 16 year old female was detained until a parent could come from the Western Shore.


DEPUTY: Sgt. Earl “Duke” Johnston

CASE: 13-29452



DATE / TIME: 09/28/2013 @ 0857 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 4200 Block of Main Street, Grasonville

VICTIM: Erick Granados of Grasonville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported he had purchased a new HP laptop computer valued at $800. When he returned home from work it had been stolen. No forced entry was apparent at the residence however a roommate had friends over during the time he was at work. Attempts to contact at least one of the suspects has unsuccessful due to his being relocated by I.C.E. Investigation continues


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE: 13-29463



INCIDENT: Theft from Vehicle

DATE / TIME: 09/22/2013 @ 0752 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: Talbot Road, Stevensville

VICTIM: Caitlin Hodges of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim’s Mini Cooper while parked at her residence was found with a smashed window and her purse missing. Her purse was described as a tan Urban Outfitters clutch containing assorted cards and identification valued at $90. Damages to the car was estimated at $250.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jennifer Aaron

ASSIST: Dfc. S. Fraser

CASE: 13-28675


INCIDENT: Domestic

DATE / TIME: 09/22/2013 @ 0928 Hours

LOCATION: Longfellow Drive, Chestertown


NARRATIVE: Deputies were called to residence after married couple were involved in an argument where the male was locked out and the female refused to allow him back in to get his wallet and keys. Deputies were able retrieve his wallet and the female left.


DEPUTY: Deputy Mitchell Jones

CASE: 13-28679



DATE / TIME: 09/22/2013 @ 1214 Hours

LOCATION: 433 Kent Narrows Way, Grasonville

VICTIM: Brooke Yates of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported she had argued with a male friend prior to going to work. The male showed up at her place of employment and continued the argument and then left. A few minutes later he called the victim and advise someone had damaged her 2012 Scion. Victim checked the vehicle to find numerous scratches and a damaged fender. Damages were estimated at $1000.


When the male was located and questioned he denied damaging the car but stated a friend may have done the damage and offered to pay for the damage.


A Criminal Summons has been issued for the subject and service is pending.


DEPUTY: Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE: 13-28692


INCIDENT: Violation of Peace Order

DATE / TIME: 09/22/2013 @ 1518 Hours

LOCATION: 2600 Block of Millington Road, Millington


NARRATIVE: Deputies were called to location for a neighbor dispute. One family reported they had an active Peace Order against their neighbor and that he had yelled and cursed family members while taking down their pool. Contact was made with the neighbor who stated water from the neighbor’s pool had flooded his yard and had issues about their dogs. The neighbor also complained about the neighbors watching him and taking pictures. The neighbor admitted to making contact with his neighbors on today’s date.


Both parties were advised to not to have any further contact. On the following days an application for charges was made for violating a Peace Order and charges are pending.


DEPUTY: Deputy Mitchell Jones

CASE: 13-28707


INCIDENT: Domestic / DWI

DATE / TIME: 09/22/2013 @ 1651 Hours

LOCATION: Davol Road, Stevensville


ARREST: Donald Francis Yetter (48) of Stevensville



NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to the residence for a verbal domestic. On arrival only the wife was at the residence. While taking a report, the husband was seen driving up to the home. When contact was made, the male had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. After attempting field sobriety tasks, he was placed under arrest for DWI.


Following issuance of charging documents he was released to another family member at a different location.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Stephen Fraser

ASSIST: Deputy J. Aaron

CASE: 13-28714


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 09/23/2013 @ 0015 Hours

LOCATION: Creekside Commons, Stevensville

VICTIM: Female (50’s) of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Dfc. Kellogg responded to the location and on arrival observed smoke coming from the residence. A fire Fighter was on the scene attempting to gain access to the residence and a witness advised that the subject inside could become violent. Kellogg entered the residence and located the woman partially clothed, on a bed and refusing to get out. After a brief struggle the woman was handcuffed.


It was found that the smoke was due to food being overcooked in a microwave and the rest of the house was in disarray. The female was transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment. Dfc. Kellogg was later treated for smoke inhalation at Queen Anne’s Emergency Room.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE: 13-28744



DATE / TIME: 09/23/2013 @ 0727 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 300 Block of Grasonville Cemetery Road, Grasonville

VICTIM: David K. Hunter of Grasonville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported overnight someone had stolen his Baltimore Raven flag from his yard. The flag was valued at $100.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-28760



DATE / TIME: 09/23/2013 @ 1130 Hours

LOCATION: 800 Block of Del Rhodes Avenue, Queenstown

VICTIM: Queenstown Collision Center


NARRATIVE: Albert Diedrichs owner of Queenstown Collision Center reported someone had stolen two batteries from his 1998 International wrecker. The batteries had a replacement value of $318.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Michael Jordan

CASE: 13-28777


INCIDENT: Theft / Burglary

DATE / TIME: 09/23/2013 @ 1007 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 500 Block of Roundtop Road, Chestertown (QA Co.)

VICTIM: Barbara Dawkins of Chestertown


NARRATIVE: Victim reported she placed a full 2 gallon gas can in her shed on Saturday afternoon. On today’s date she found it to be missing. The loss is about $10.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE: 13-28785


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 09/23/2013 @ 1040 Hours

LOCATION: 7300 Block of Church Hill Road, Chestertown (QA Co.)

VICTIM: Kent Insurance Agency Inc.


NARRATIVE: Terry Kent of Kent Insurance Agency reported finding the rear door to the business open on the evening before, checked the office and found nothing to be missing. Further inspection showed the door had been broken with damages estimated at $100.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE: 13-28793


INCIDENT: CDS Distribution

DATE / TIME: 09/23/20 @ 1600 Hours

LOCATION: Love Point Park, Old Love Point Road, Stevensville


ARREST: Justin Clesson Darr (21) of Stevensville

CHARGE: Distribution of CDS (Marijuana) in a School Zone / Possession of CDS (Marijuana)


NARRATIVE: Deputies were doing surveillance at the park due to reports of CDS transactions taking place. A male was seen being dropped off by a Nissan Sentra driven by a female. The male then sat near the pavilion until a pickup truck arrived. The male immediately went to the driver’s side door and an exchange of a small object and cash was observed. The truck then immediately left the park. The truck was stopped a short distance away and found to be driven by a juvenile male. A search of the truck revealed a baggie of suspected marijuana. The juvenile was released to a parent with charges pending.


Deputies then attempted to locate the male but he had left the park. The driver of the Nissan was located and she provided the name and address of the male dropped off at the park. Deputies then went to a residence on Marion Quimby Drive and made contact with Justin Darr who was still wearing the clothes when seen at the park. Darr was questioned and admitted to selling a $20 bag of Marijuana. He was released pending charges.


Application of charges was filed charging him with distribution of CDS within 1000 feet of a school, Distribution of CDs and Possession of CDS. On September 30th Darr was taken into custody in front of his residence. A search of his person resulted in the seizure a plastic baggie with suspected marijuana.


Darr was released on October 1st after posting a $25000 Bond.


DEPUTY: Sgt. Morris “Sonny” Jones

ASSIST: Cpl. Jeremy Davidson

CASE: 13-28840


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 09/23/2013 @ 1700 Hours

LOCATION: Chestertown (QA Co.)

VICTIM: Male (50’s) of Centreville


NARRATIVE: Deputies were dispatched to a residence in near Chestertown after a male had texted a family member and called to advise he was about to harm himself. Deputies located the man in a garage of a relative and learned he had ingested a large amount of prescription drugs and vodka. The man was transported to the hos[petal in Chestertown by ambulance for treatment.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE: 13-28844


INCIDENT: Burglary / Theft

DATE / TIME: 09//24/2013 @ 1800 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: Hampton Lane, Queenstown

VICTIM: William Hampton of Queenstown


NARRATIVE: Victim reported missing $20.00 in change, a Husqvarna chain saw and a Browning 12 Gauge Shotgun from his residence. The items were last seen earlier in September. The estimated loss was $870.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE: 13-28855



DATE / TIME: 09/23/2013 @ 1758 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 2800 Block of Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM: John Consoli of Chester


NARRATIVE: Victim reported his trash can been knocked over and dents in his Chevrolet Malibu parked nearby. Damages were estimated at $800. Several suspect vehicles have been identified and the case remains open.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE: 13-28857



DATE / TIME: 09/24/2013 @ 1551 Hours

LOCATION: 800 Block of Thompson Creek Road, Stevensville

VICTIM: Cyril G. Ruffenbach of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported someone had stolen two kayaks from his yard, a yellow 9 foot Hoby valued at $3000 and an orange 9 Foot Hoby worth $2000. Victim stated the kayaks had been chained and locked to a tree.


A witness reported two white males had been seen loading the kayaks into a blue SUV a couple days before. Investigation continues.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-28962


INCIDENT: Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME: 09/24/2013 @ 2247 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Dominion Road, Chester


ARREST: (2) Juvenile Males from QA County

CHARGE: Possession of CDS


NARRATIVE: Deputy saw subjects acting suspicious in a parked Jeep at the gas station. When the deputy checked the subjects they were found to be rolling a cigar with suspected marijuana. A search of the Jeep resulted in the seizure of a baggie of suspected marijuana. Both subjects were later released to parents / guardians with charges pending.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE: 13-28996



DATE / TIME: 09/25/2013 @ 1125 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: Clovelly Lane, Church Hill

VICTIM: Donna P. Gibbons-Neff of Church Hill


NARRATIVE: Victim reported she had discovered several items of missing jewelry including a diamond ring, a diamond bracelet, diamond earrings and a gold necklace. The jewelry was valued at $12,650.


No indication of any forced entry and victim advised of several persons who had been at the residence. Investigation continues.


DEPUTY: Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE: 13-29034



DATE / TIME: 09/26/2013 @ 0809 Hours

LOCATION: Church Hill Cemetery, Church Hill


NARRATIVE: A Church Hill resident who checks on the cemetery reported that someone has been taking the small American flags and the brass plates signifying military service from tombstones. The missing items were valued at over $500.


DEPUTY: Sgt. Mark Carr

CASE: 13-29120



DATE / TIME: 09/26/2013 @ 0828 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: LaGorce Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM: Sally Bard of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported missing several items including a Glock handgun, drills, gold charms, a reciprocating saw, a nail gun, fishing rods, coolers and a bicycle. The items were valued at $4675.


Victim indicated that she had heard a former tenant may have the items. Investigation remains open at this time.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

CASE: 13-29123



DATE / TIME: 09/18/2013 @ 0854 Hours

LOCATION: 200 Block of Front Street, Crumpton

VICTIM: Edward R. Usilton of Crumpton


NARRATIVE: Victim stated he had left a Craftsman 4HP Air Compressor in his backyard wrapped in plastic when he noticed it to be missing. The compressor was valued at $300.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE: 13-28290


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 09/18/2013 @ 1528 Hours


VICTIM: Male (45) of Chester


NARRATIVE: Deputies assisted by MSP responded to residence after the man called his doctor and told him he wanted the police to come to his house and shoot him. The man was taken to Anne Arundel County Medical Center for assistance.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

ASSIST: Cpl. Davidson / MSP

CASE: 13-28338



DATE / TIME: 09/18/2013 @ 1800 Hours

LOCATION: 400 Block of Broad Street, Crumpton

VICTIM: Thomas Schauber of Crumpton


NARRATIVE: Victim reported someone had stolen his Ryobi Weed Whacker valued at $200 from his porch sometime during the afternoon.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Ahearn

CASE: 13-28359


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 09/19/2013 @ 2203 Hours

LOCATION: 2600 Block of Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM : Juliette Horney of Chester


NARRATIVE: Victim reported missing cash and a bottle of pain killers from the residence. The theft is believed to occurred sometime between 9/18 to 9/19. No forced entry to the residence was reported.


DEPUTY: Deputy Kevin Parks

ASSIST: Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit

CASE: 13-28452


INCIDENT: Domestic Assault

DATE / TIME: 09/20/2013 @ 0054 Hours

LOCATION: 300 Block of Broad Street, Crumpton

VICTIM: Christina Latham of Crumpton

ARREST: Gregory Allen Wersten Jr. (26) of Crumpton

CHARGE: Assault


NARRATIVE: On arrival female victim holding a baby pointed at Gregory Wersten and stated he hit me in the eye. Victim had swelling visible near her eye. Subjects advised they were arguing over a set of car keys. Suspect Wersten was placed under arrest and held on a $10,000 bail at the QA County Detention Center.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE: 13-28466


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 09/20/2013 @ 0756 Hours

LOCATION: 300 Old McGinnis Road, Chestertown

VICTIM: Infinity Recycling


NARRATIVE: Employee at the business reported upon arriving to work finding a file drawer damaged with $100 in an envelope missing. Further inspection showed a door was unlocked. Damages were estimated at $210.


DEPUTY: Deputy Mitchell Jones

CASE: 13-28474



DATE / TIME: 09/20/2013 @ 1452 Hours

LOCATION: 1802 Main Street, Chester

VICTIM: Walgreens


NARRATIVE: Cashier at the business reported a heavy set African American female had brought over $300 of various merchandise to the counter to be checked out. While being checked out she began to ask numerous questions and making requests. The female then stated she needed to get something from her vehicle and left. While returning the items to shelves, she realized there was several cartons of cigarettes missing. A review of the store’s video showed the woman placing the items in her purse and then leaving in a two-tone SUV. The missing items had a value of $258.00.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jennifer Aaron

ASSIST: Dfc. S. Fraser

CASE: 13-28505


INCIDENT: Found Property

DATE / TIME: 09/21/2013 1015 Hours

LOCATION: Love Point Park & Terrapin Park Stevensville

VICTIM: Unknown


NARRATIVE: Sheriff’s Deputies recovered two bicycles from the above parks. A mountain bike and a child’s Princess bike. Owners seeking to claim the bikes can call the Sheriff’s Office and provide a description.


DEPUTY: Deputy Nathaniel Burns

ASSIST: Reserve Deputy B. Mann

CASE: 13-28599 & 13-28602


INCIDENT: Theft from a Vehicle

DATE / TIME: 09/21/2013 @ 1246 Hours

LOCATION: 300 Block of Hanna Court, Chester

VICTIM: Andrew Katz of Chester


NARRATIVE: Victim reported that someone during the night had entered his unlocked Kia Sorento, rummaged thru the console and taken his checkbook.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jennifer Aaron

CASE: 13-28617



DATE / TIME: 09/22/2013 @ 0033 Hours

LOCATION: RT 50 @ Bay Bridge


ARREST: Joseph Green Bynum (43) of Upper Marlboro, MD

CHARGE: DWI & Related Offenses


NARRATIVE: Following a broadcast to attempt to locate a possible drunk driver in a silver Infinity driving east on the Bay Bridge, the car was located going by Dominion road exit. The Infinity was observed crossing the line between lane 2 & 3 several times and was stopped near Kent Narrows Bridge. Driver identified as Joseph Bynum by a MD driver’s License. Strong odor of alcohol was present and the driver stated he believed he was in PG County and had a lot to drink. After several attempts of field sobriety tasks, he was placed under arrest and charged with DWI and minor traffic offense. He was later released to a sober family member.


DEPUTY: Deputy Andrew Neall

CASE: 13-28659