QA Press Release 11/26/2013

image001 (400 x 133)If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at



DATE / TIME: 11/14/2013 @ 1855 Hours

LOCATION: Maryland Avenue in Queenstown

VICTIM: Sherrie Sternberg of Queenstown


NARRATIVE: Victim advised she was in the process of moving and had left for the day with plans to return the following day. On her return she found a door broken in with empty bottles thrown about in the house and numerous holes in the drywall. Victim also located property items thrown in the yard. Nothing appeared to have been taken and damages were estimated at $500.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE: 13-34585



DATE / TIME: 11/15/2013 @ 0826 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 558 Main Street, Church Hill

VICTIM: US Post Office


NARRATIVE: Postal employee reported finding the door on the mailbox in front of the Post Office appeared to have been tampered with. The door could no longer be opened with a key and looked to have been pried. Damages were estimated at $100.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jennifer Aaron

CASE: 13-34640



DATE / TIME: 11/15/2013 @ 1350 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: Carroll Road, Centreville

VICTIM: Lisa and John Connell of Centreville


NARRATIVE: Victims reported that several vehicle parked at their residence had been tampered with by someone stealing the gas. While contacting neighbors, Deputy Jones was advised that several other residents in the area had gas taken from their vehicles.


DEPUTY: Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE: 13-34679



DATE / TIME: 11/15/2013 @ 1612 Hours

LOCATION: Kent Town Market, Chester

VICTIM: True Value


NARRATIVE: Manager at the store reported that a cashier had been a victim of a short change thief. Review of the video showed an African American male purchasing an outlet adapter with a $100 bill. Then, in a series of requests confused the cashier enough to leave the store with the change as well as the $100 bill.


DEPUTY: Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE: 13-34701



DATE / TIME: 11/16/2013 @ 2207 Hours

LOCATION: RT 18 @ Kent Narrows, Grasonville


ARREST: Lucille Gail Listorti (49) of Grasonville



NARRATIVE: Deputy saw a white Toyota fail to stop at the stop sign as it entered RT 18 from Wells Cove Road. The Toyota was the observed crossing the center line prior to Chester River Beach Road.


Driver was found to be Lucille Listorti and had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. She was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks and based on observations, placed under arrest for DWI. She was issued charging documents at the scene and later released.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE: 13-34854



DATE / TIME: 11/17/2013 @ 0647 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Kent Point Road, Stevensville

VICTIM: Morris Hall of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported he was leaving early in the AM so he left his 2013 Ford F-150 pickup facing the road. At 0300 hours he came out to find his windshield have been smashed. Damages were estimated at $450.


DEPUTY: Deputy Nathaniel Burns

CASE: 13-34888



DATE / TIME: 11/17/2013 @ 1238 Hours

LOCATION: Sudlersville Park, Sudlersville

VICTIM: QA Parks & Rec


NARRATIVE: Complainant at the location reported several trash cans had been tipped over along with several missing and picnic table seats had been broken. Damages occurred sometime between 4PM on 11/16 and 10AM on the 17th and were estimated at $240.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

CASE: 13-34910


INCIDENT: Traffic Offenses / Possession of CDS

DATE / TIME: 11/17/2013 @ 1503 Hours

LOCATION: RT 213 @ Church Hill


ARREST: Pending


NARRATIVE: A green Nissan Maxima was stopped for excessive speed (67 / 55 MPH Zone). Upon contacting the driver, the odor of burnt marijuana was detected. The driver, Male (20) of Centreville was found to be suspended. A subsequent search resulted in the seizure of a large glass smoking device with suspected CDS residue. The driver was issued a citation for driving suspended and advised CDS charges would be issued at a later date after the results are back from the lab. Vehicle was secured at the scene and the driver and passenger made arrangements to get a ride.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

CASE: 13-34916



DATE / TIME: 11/18/2013 @ 2057 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Collier Road, Grasonville

VICTIM: Kristin Scott of Grasonville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported she had returned home and found a hole near a rear door. The projectile had gone into the house, skipped off the kitchen floor and thru a plastic tub and into a cardboard box. The slug appeared to be a 12 or 20 gauge shotgun round and appeared to have been fired fairly close to the residence.


DEPUTY: Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE: 13-35041


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 11/19/2013 @ 0001 Hours

LOCATION: 300 Block of Longfellow Drive, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM: Aaron Lancaster of Chestertown


NARRATIVE: Victim reported leaving his residence on the 16th to take a family member to the hospital. When he returned late on the 18th, he found an open window and several items missing from the home. A Sony Play Station 3, an X-box 360, a Nintendo Wii and several games were gone. Loss was estimated @ $750.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE: 13-35052