QA Press Release 7/26/2013

image001 (400 x 133)If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at



DATE / TIME: 07/16/2013 @ 2035 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: Bulle Rock Farm Lane, Centreville

VICTIM: Thurman B. Truxton of Centreville

ARREST: Pending


NARRATIVE: Victim reported that his girlfriend had pawned his PlayStation 3 while he was incarcerated. The PlayStation was recovered at a game store in Annapolis. A criminal Summons has been issued for the victim’s girlfriend.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

ASSIST: Det. C. Armington

CASE: 13-21196



DATE / TIME: 07/17/2013 @ 2130 Hours

LOCATION: 300 Block of Central Avenue, Chestertown, QA

VICTIM: Stephen P. Carroll of Chestertown


NARRATIVE: Victim called and reported being assaulted. On arrival he stated two friends had been over to his house when they “flipped out” and assaulted him. However all parties declined to cooperate by giving statements. No further action.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE: 13-21328


INCIDENT: Attempted Burglary / MDOP

DATE / TIME: 07/18/2013 @ 0347 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Fox Den Road, Church Hill

VICTIM: John Sturgill of Church Hill


NARRATIVE: Victim reported someone ran his doorbell around 3 AM, however when he checked no one was there. A short time later he heard a thumping noise and then glass breaking. Checking out the sound, he located a basement window had been broken out, but it appeared that no entry was made. It’s possible the intruder changed his mind when he realized the resident has a large python in that area.


Damages were estimated at under $500.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Seth Ambrose

CASE: 13-21360



DATE / TIME: 07/18/2013 @ 0438 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Main Street, Stevensville


ARREST: Nicky Dale Lamaster (26) of Chester



NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to the Shore Stop gas station to check the welfare of a person asleep in his vehicle at the gas pumps. On arrival they located a male in the driver’s seat of a black Chevrolet. Once the subject was awaken, deputies noticed an odor of alcohol on the male’s breath. When asked where he was, the driver stated Washington DC on the 10 floor. When asked for his driver’s license, the male attempted to hand the deputy a $20 bill. Once a driver’s license was located, he was identified as Nicky Dale Lamaster.


Several field sobriety task were attempted and Lamaster was placed under arrest for DWI. After processing and a breath test, Lamaster was released to a family member.


DEPUTY: Deputy Andrew Neall

ASSIST: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE: 13-21364


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 07/18/2013 @ 0805 Hours (reported)

LOCATION: 300 Old McGinnis Lane, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM: Infinity Recycling


NARRATIVE: Employees discovered the burglary upon arriving for work. Unknown person(s) had broken into the business and had ransacked the office. A battery charger was missing which was valued at $50.


DEPUTY: Cpl. John Brockman

CASE: 13-21373


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 07/18/2013 @ 0919 (Reported)

LOCATION: Sherman Way, Chester

VICTIM: Fisher Manor Investments


NARRATIVE: Maintenance personnel reported finding a rear door to an apartment kicked in overnight. The apartment was now vacant as the previous residents had recently been evicted. Damage to the door was estimated at $300.


DEPUTY: Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE: 13-21385



DATE / TIME: 07/18/2013 @ 1926 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 195 Outlet Centre Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM: VF Outlet Store

ARREST: Female (17) of Trappe MD



NARRATIVE: Store Manager and Loos Prevention Associate reported after a cash drawer was $150 short on Saturday, they had reviewed the security footage which showed a female employee taking cash and concealing it in the trash can below the register. A short time later she dumped the trash. When interviewed, the store employee admitted to taking the cash as well as $40 from a co-worker and a credit card from another co-worker.


Officials from the store requested charges on the female who is (17). The two co-workers declined to press charges. The girl was referred to Juvenile Services for theft.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Eric Goodman

CASE: 13-21442



DATE / TIME: 07/19/2013 @ 1411 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 800 Main Street, Stevensville

VICTIM: See Narrative


NARRATIVE: Restaurant Manage reported an employee had recently lost a family member and the other employees had started a collection for her which was being kept in a secure location. About a week prior to the report, the cash estimated at about $400 was missing. The manager attempted to keep the theft in-house and had hoped someone would come forward. When no one did , the Sheriff’s Office was called. At this time the investigation remains open.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-21512


INCIDENT: Domestic

DATE / TIME: 07/19/2013 @ 1641 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Carriage Lane, Queenstown

VICTIM: Christa D. Hill of Queenstown

ARREST: Lawrence Kemp Chambers (48) of Queenstown

CHARGE: Assault


NARRATIVE: Sheriff’s Units were dispatched to the residence and were met outside by the victim. She reported the she and her boyfriend were drinking heavily at the residence the previous night and an argument had occurred which turned physical. Ms. Hill had numerous visible bruises on her arms and legs. They went inside the residence and could see several broken pieces of furniture. Mr. Chambers stated after Ms. Hill had broken his windshield the argument did indeed turn physical.


Mr. Chambers was placed under arrest for domestic assault. While in the house a smell of burnt marijuana was noticed and several suspected items were seized. Those items were sent to the lab for testing and additional charges are pending.


DEPUTY: Deputy Charles Harris

ASSIST: Deputy A. Neall, Dfc. M. Jordan, MSP

CASE: 13-21532



DATE / TIME: 07/20/2013 @ 0151 Hours

LOCATION: Dominion Road near Good Hands Creek Road, Chester


ARREST: Kellie Marie Graham (32) of Chester



NARRATIVE: A Honda passenger car was stopped for a minor traffic infraction on Dominion Road. The driver was identified as Kellie Graham and she stated she didn’t have her license with her. A check showed she was suspended in Maryland. Ms. Graham had a slight odor of alcohol on her breath along with other indicators. She was asked to attempt field sobriety tasks. She was placed under arrest for Driving while impaired and in violation of an alcohol restriction. She was issued citations and later released to a sober friend.


DEPUTY: Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE: 13-21572