QA Press Release 7/29/2013

image001 (400 x 133)If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at



DATE / TIME: 07/21/2013 @ 2122 Hours

LOCATION: RT 8 @ Kent Island Estates


ARREST: William Francis Barrett Jr. (24) of Bethesda



NARRATIVE: Ford SUV was stopped for speeding on RT 8 near KI Estates. Driver was identified as William B. Barrett who had an odor of alcohol on his breath. Mr. Barrett advised he had had a couple of beers when asked. After several Field Sobriety tasks were attempted, Mr. Barrett was placed under arrest for DWI. After processing at Centreville he was released to a sober friend.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE: 13-21742


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 07/21/2013 @ 2137 Hours

LOCATION: Grasonville

VICTIM: Female (20) of Grasonville


NARRATIVE: Female had texted a friend she wanted to harm herself. The friend contacted 911 and Cpl. Russell responded to her last known location but she no longer was there. Several other locations were checked and the female was located. She advised she was upset over a relationship and was thinking about harming herself.


DEPUTY: Cpl. Shane Russell

CASE: 13-21744



DATE / TIME: 07/22/2013 @ 1206 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: Pullman’s Crossing, Grasonville

VICTIM: Hector G. Flores of Grasonville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported he had been in the company of a female at his apartment the night before and after he left the room and returned had drunk a beer and then passed out. Victim stated it was only the third or fourth beer and believed he had been drugged. When he woke up he discovered $500 missing from his wallet.


Case remains under investigation.

DEPUTY: Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE: 13-21806



DATE / TIME: 07/22/2013 @ 1358 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 100 Block of Carroll Road, Centreville

VICTIM: Joseph Sadler of Centreville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported unknown person(s) had stolen a brass property marker from his front yard. The marker was painted gold and had 113 in black. The marker was valued at $100.


DEPUTY: Cpl. John Brockman

CASE: 13-21814



DATE / TIME: 07/23/2013 @ 1343 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 1700 Block of Crab Alley Drive, Chester

VICTIM: Anna L. Sisson of Chester


NARRATIVE: Victim reported unknown person had taken her Handicap placard from her victim sometime in the past month.


DEPUTY: Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE: 13-21924


INCIDENT: Domestic

DATE / TIME: 07/23/2013 @ 2024 Hours

LOCATION: 2500 Block of Bloomingdale Road, Queenstown

VICTIM: Maira Nunez-Flores of Queenstown

ARREST: Adam Ismael Canales-Granados (32) of Queenstown

CHARGE: Assault


NARRATIVE: A small child had called 911 reporting his parents fighting. Units responded and found a man, woman and child in the front yard. The female victim reported an argument had occurred over the house cleaning and had escalated to her being punched in the face and her hair being pulled by her husband. The husband admitted hitting her as he was defending himself and stated he struck her before she could get to him. The female had a small cut on her lip and swelling on her right cheek.


Adam Canales-Granados was taken into custody and charged with Assault 2nd degree. After being processed, he was released by a District Court Commissioner on his personal recognizance.


DEPUTY: Cpl. Chris Green

ASSIST: Sgt. Mark Carr – MSP

CASE: 13-21960


INCIDENT: CDS Possession

DATE / TIME: 07/24/2013 @ 0120 Hours

LOCATION: Goodhand Creek Landing, Chester

ARREST: Pending Lab Results



NARRATIVE: Area was being checked by nightshift patrols and a silver Jeep was located parked. Contact was made with the occupants of the vehicle and an odor of marijuana was present. A search located smoking devices, cigars and a large bag of suspected marijuana with two smaller bags of suspected marijuana.


All items were seized and entered into evidence pending shipping to the lab. An 18 year-old male from Stevensville and an 18 year old male from Chester were released at the scene pending charges. A 17 year old from Stevensville was released at the landing to a parent.


DEPUTY: Sgt. Mark Carr

CASE: 13-21979


INCIDENT: Domestic

DATE / TIME: 07/24/2013 @ 0737 Hours

LOCATION: McKay Road, Stevensville

VICTIM: Female of Stevensville




NARRATIVE: Deputies were dispatched to a residence on McKay Road for a domestic. A Husband and wife were arguing over an unknown reason. The wife stated her husband had pulled her hair but no visible injuries had occurred. Neither party wanted charges or assistance. The wife gathered several belongings and left the scene with the children. The husband advised if she returned he would leave.


DEPUTY: Deputy Charles Harris

ASSIST: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-21997



DATE / TIME: 07/24/2013 @ 1222 Hours

LOCATION: 4 Kent Town Market, Chester

VICTIM: Dollar Tree

ARREST: Pending



NARRATIVE: Store Management requested a deputy respond for an employee caught stealing. They advised that the employee was voiding transactions and taking the money. Records indicated that $380 had been taken over the past three weeks. The employee, a 19 year old female from Grasonville had given the store a written confession, her employment terminated and escorted from the store. Charges are pending upon completion of the company’s internal investigation.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-22019



DATE / TIME: 07/25/2013 @ 0325 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Warwick Road, Chestertown, QA

VICTIM: Robert Phillips of Chestertown


NARRATIVE: Victim advised he had been awaken by his truck alarm and went outside to check. He discovered someone had thrown a large rock breaking the window and had taken his Tom Tom GPS and a back-up camera monitor. Damages were estimated at $300 and the stolen items at $300.


DEPUTY: Dfc. George Sewell

CASE: 13-22087



DATE / TIME: 07/20/2013 @ 0222 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Pine Drive, Grasonville

VICTIM: John Lawson of Grasonville


NARRATIVE: Deputies dispatched to location for a fight in progress. On arrival they located John Lawson in his underwear and bleeding from cuts to his lower back to his calf’s. EMS was requested due to the injuries. Thru statements it was learned that Lawson and another subject had an argument inside the residence and Lawson was thrown onto a glass coffee table causing the cuts. The suspect then fled the residence. After police left, the suspect returned and threatened the residents again and destroyed a portion of the fence around the home. He then fled the scene in a green car. Attempts to locate the suspect were unsuccessful and the investigation remains open at this time.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE: 13-21574


INCIDENT: Driving while Impaired Arrest

DATE / TIME: 07/20/2013 @ 0312 Hours

LOCATION: Greenwood Shoals, Grasonville


ARREST: Corey Michael Martino (23) of Stevensville

CHARGE: Driving while Impaired by Alcohol / Negligent Driving / Failure to Control Speed to avoid collision


NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to location for a report of a motor vehicle collision. On arrival they located a Ford Station Wagon sitting on top on a Delmarva Power box. The driver, Corey Martino stated he had swerved to avoid a deer, went off the roadway and ended on the power box.


Martino had an odor of alcohol on his breath along with additional indicators and was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks. After the attempts, he was placed under arrest for DWI. After charging documents were completed he was released to a sober friend. The vehicle was towed from the scene.


DEPUTY: Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE: 13-21577



DATE / TIME: 07/20/2013 @ 1000 Hours

LOCATION: Queen Mary Court, Chester

VICTIM: Matthew A. Merton of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Anthony G. Reno reported damage to an Acura he uses, but owned by Mr. Merton had been “keyed” on both sides and the hood during the night. The car was parked on Queen Mary Court and Mr. Reno suspects it may be part of a domestic issue. Damages were estimated at over $300.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-21591


INCIDENT: Burglary (4th Degree)

DATE / TIME: 07/20/2013 @ 1700 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Block of Scottown Road, Queenstown

VICTIM: Kirby Realty

ARREST: William Calvin Greene (61) of Queenstown

CHARGE: Burglary 4th Degree


NARRATIVE: A property manager checking the vacant residence located an unsecured window and a male asleep in the house. The man was identified as William Greene, the former resident before the house was foreclosed by the bank. Mr. Greene was placed under arrest for burglary and transported to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. He was later released by a District Court Commissioner on a $2500 unsecured bond.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard

ASSIST: Deputy R. Draper

CASE: 13-21629


INCIDENT: Disturbance

DATE / TIME: 07/20/2013 @ 1750 Hours

LOCATION: 189 Outlet Center Drive, Queenstown

VICTIM: Peter J. Fitzgerald of Emmittsburg, MD


NARRATIVE: Deputies were called to the location for two subject arguing. On arrival it was learned that Mr. Fitzgerald was meeting his ex-wife at the shopping center to exchange a child in common. During that time the two began to argument and got very close to each other. When the ex-wife went to push Mr. Fitzgerald back her hand went to his face and he bit her finger.


There was no visible injuries to either and they did not want any charges. Both were advised on procedures for charges and peace orders.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST: Dfc. Jason Rickard

CASE: 13-21635


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 07/20/2013 @ 2027 Hours

LOCATION: 1600 Block of Sudlersville Road, Sudlersville

VICTIM: Charles Stein of Sudlersville


NARRATIVE: Victim and his wife returned to their residence around 6PM after being out for a few hours. When they went to go into their computer room the electric was off. Mr. Stein went and checked the electric panel box he discovered someone had taken the breaker from the box. A check of the residence failed to locate and missing items or other damage.


DEPUTY: Dfc. George Sewell

CASE: 13-21648



DATE / TIME: 07/20/2013 @ 2100 Hours

LOCATION: 201 Wells Cove Road, Grasonville

VICTIM: Gary S. Lindenberger of Centreville

ARREST: Nicky Dale Lamaster (25) of Chester

CHARGE: Assault / Reckless Endangerment / Disorderly Conduct / Littering


NARRATIVE: Units were dispatched to the Jetty for a report of an assault involving a gun. Prior to arrival it was reported that the subject with the gun had fled in a car driven by a female with two children in a white Nissan Maxima. The car was spotted by MSP troopers going east on RT 50 and a felony stop was made with Sheriff’s Deputies assisting. The car was driven by a female with two small children in the back. It was determined that the male passenger in the car had been involved in the incident.


One of the troopers advised he had seen an object thrown from the car into the bushes along RT 18. Units returned to that location and located a Walther PC99 CO2 pistol.


Deputies then met with the complainant and learned that he had met with Lamaster in the parking lot who was attempting to get a paycheck. When Lamaster brandished the air pistol, the victim threw him on the hood of a car and attempted to get to safety while Lamaster fled in the car.


Lamaster was charged with 2nd Degree Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Reckless Endangerment and littering. After processing he was held on a $10,000 bond at the QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST: Dfc. Jason Rickard – Tpr. Pusey (MSP)

CASE: 13-21652



DATE / TIME: 07/21/2013 @ 0208 Hours

LOCATION: 100 Castle Marina Road, Chester

VICTIM: Link Sweeney of Stevensville

Tyler A. Hutson of Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Victims reported being in McDonalds when six other males came in. Hutson stated he acknowledged one of the males, a large African American with a peace sign and “what’s up” who responded by throwing a punch. All of the subjects then began to fight until learning police were on their way and the group of six fled the restaurant.


No serious injuries were reported. Investigation continues


DEPUTY: Deputy Rudy Draper

ASSIST: Dfc. J. Rickard & MSP Troopers

CASE: 13-21669



DATE / TIME: 07/21/2013 @ 0228 Hours

LOCATION: 5124 Sudlersville Road, Sudlersville

VICTIM: Frankie J. Norris of Smyrna, DE


NARRATIVE: Victim advised she was in Darlene’s Tavern when she got into an argument with a white female only known as “Autumn”. The female struck the victim several times in the face with a closed fist and another female joined in striking the victim several times as well. Several other patrons broke the fight up and the two females left the bar.


The victim was transported by ambulance to Dover General Hospital for her injuries. Investigation remains open.


DEPUTY: Dfc. George Sewell

CASE: 13-21670