QA Press Releases 10/30/2013

image001 (400 x 133)If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at



DATE / TIME: 10/21/2013 @ 1012 Hours

LOCATION: Duhamel Corner Road, Sudlersville

VICTIM: Craig Wilson of Wilson Trucking Service, Sudlersville

ARREST: Harley Dean Duarte (33) of Sudlersville

Irene Patricia Green (43) of Clayton DE

CHARGE: Theft over $10K-$100K, Conspiracy to Commit Theft and Theft Scheme


NARRATIVE: Victim reported an employee stealing various metal items from the business and selling them for scrap in Delaware. The suspect and a female lived on the property and were seen that morning in Hartley scrapping items in the victim’s truck. Estimated items missing was placed at $14,000.


Duarte and Green were arrested on October 23rd on arrest warrants and taken into custody without incident. Green was held on a $15000 bail and later released on bond. Duarte was held on a $25,000 and currently remains in QA Detention Center.


DEPUTY: Deputy Jeremy Gardner

CASE: 13-31744


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 10/21/2013 @ 1233 Hours

LOCATION: Chester Harbor, Chestertown, (QA)

VICTIM: Male (29) of Chestertown


NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to the residence for a 911 call. On arrival to found a male with minor head injury and making statements about harming himself. The residence was moldy and partially flooded. The man was transported to Chester River Medical Center for treatment. Department of Social Services also notified of the situation.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-31757


INCIDENT: Burglary

DATE / TIME: 10/21/2013 @ 1314 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: N. Lake Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM: Robert Nissan of Washington, DC


NARRATIVE: Caretaker of the residence reported finding a broken window and a door unlocked. A check of the residence showed that someone had been staying there and when the victim responded reported a TV and DVR to be missing. Damages and Loss was estimated at $350.


DEPUTY: Deputy Joey Timms

CASE: 13-31760



DATE / TIME: 10/21/2013 @ 1529 Hours

LOCATION: Thompson Creek Road, Stevensville

VICTIM: Tuesday Morning Department Store

ARREST: Pending


NARRATIVE: Manager of the store reported a female had been in the business, made a purchase and left another item on hold. As she was leaving the manager noticed the woman appeared to have several additional items tucked under her clothing. As the woman was exiting the store a notebook fell out of her pant leg. The woman continued out of the store and left in a black Acura with MD tags.


The car was traced to a residence on Queen Elizabeth Court in Chester and a documented driver was a Gwynne Rachel Mattingly. Contact was made with the suspect at the residence and as a result a T-shirt, Notebook and a purse were returned to the deputy. Items had a value of $55.


Charges for Ms. Mattingly were requested and a Criminal Summons has been issued charging her with theft. Service of the Summons is pending.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

CASE: 13-31776



DATE / TIME: 10/21/2013 @ 1542 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 2900 Block of Cox Neck Road, Chester

VICTIM: Cynthia Sigmon of Chester


NARRATIVE: Victim report the theft of a Amish Made Bench Rocker that was on the end of her pier. The bench was valued at $300.


DEPUTY: Cpl. Sean Hampton

CASE: 13-31778



DATE / TIME: 10/21/2013 @ 1840 Hours

LOCATION: Adams Drive, Crumpton, MD

VICTIM: Raymond Ringgold of Crumpton


NARRATIVE: Victim reported missing his red Honda 6HP push Mower. The mower was last seen on the 19th and valued at $100.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Larry Steenken

CASE: 13-31786


INCIDENT: Possession of CDS / Assault

DATE / TIME: 10/22/2013 @ 0737 Hours

LOCATION: Riverview Road, Chestertown (QA)

VICTIM: See Narrative

ARREST: Michelle Lynn Simao (28) of Kennedyville, MD

Marcus Samuel Minor (43) Chestertown

CHARGE: See Narrative


NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to location after a 911 call reporting a man with a gun. On arrival deputies located the man who stated the female had been drinking with prescription medications and was seeing things. When the female was contacted she stated she was paranoid and that the object had been a video game controller.


While at the residence, deputies observed a smoking device with suspected CDS residue. Neither person would claim possession of the pipe and both were arrested and taken to Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing.


A District Court Commissioner held Ms. Simao on a $2000 bail and she was taken to the Detention Center. On arrival, she asked the deputy for a cigarette and when he refused, she began to resist, scratched his arm and began to yell. As a result she was also charged with assault on Deputy Neall. A second trip to the Commissioner resulted in a $25,000 Bail.


Mr. Minor went before a District Court Commissioner and was held on a $1000 Bail amount and transported to the Detention Center. As he was being processed into the detention center two small baggies with suspected cocaine were located in his shoe. His additional trip to the Commissioner resulted in an additional $25,000 bail amount.


At this time both subjects remain in the Detention Center.


DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Neall

ASSIST: Sgt. “Duke” Johnston

CASE: 13-31829 & 31849



DATE / TIME: 10/23/2013 @ 0225 Hours

LOCATION: RT 8 near Davidson Drive, Stevensville


ARREST: Brian Dudley Hemmingway (23) of Stevensville



NARRATIVE: A white Ford Mustang was observed weaving on RT 8 crossing the center line several times. Vehicle stopped and driver identified as Brian Hemmingway of Stevensville. Several indicators of possible driving under the influence were reported by the deputy and field sobriety7 tasks requested. Based on observations, Mr. Hemmingway was placed under arrest for DWI. A juvenile in the vehicle was also issued civil citations for underage possession of alcohol and released.


After processing at Sheriff’s Headquarters, Hemmingway was released to a sober individual.


DEPUTY: Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE: 13-31929



DATE / TIME: 10/23/2013 @ 1030 Hours

LOCATION: 180 Marine Academy Drive, Stevensville

VICTIM: Nexius & QA County Public Works


NARRATIVE: The site manager at the location for Nexius reported a theft had occurred where they were installing antennas on water towers. A fenced in area had been broken into and coax cable, RF Jumper sets, pipe bushings, ground kits for feed lines, 3 antennas with brackets and 6 diplexers had been stolen. The items had been delivered on the 17th and noticed missing on the 22nd.


Items stolen were valued at $82,320. The case has been forwarded to Sheriff’s CIU for further investigation. Anyone with information is requested to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

CASE: 13-31956


INCIDENT: Thefts from Vehicles

DATE / TIME: 10/24/2013 @ 0649 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: Shipping Creek – Wineland Way – Maryland Road – Queens Colony Road – New Jersey Road – Oak Street, Stevensville

VICTIM: See Narrative


NARRATIVE: Kevin Woodward reported someone had taken a brown bag from his unlocked VW and had dumped the contents in his front yard. The bag was also recovered (Valued @ $150) in the yard and nothing else was reported missing.


Soon after this report, a second call was received from Wineland Way. Kelly Corchiarino reported finding the window smashed on her Toyota Venza and had taken her gold colored Coach Purse and contents. The purse was found a short distance away with only $20 cash missing. Damage was estimated at $500.


Additional calls came in reported thefts. William Trippett advised the window and seat of his Ford F-250 truck had been damaged and $40 cash and prescription medications were missing. Damages were estimated at $900.


Robert Rocchini on Maryland Road reported someone had rummaged thru his unlocked Chevy Silverado truck and nothing appeared to be missing.


A gold colored Honda Accord on Queens Colony Road belonging to Tami Capuzzo had a broken window estimated at $500 damage. Nothing appeared to be stolen. On Oak Street a blue passenger car owned by Caitlin Flowers also had a smashed window with nothing stolen. Another vehicle on New Jersey Road, a black GMC Yukon had a smashed window. Nothing reported stolen.


Anyone with information about these crime or have seen suspicious persons near vehicles are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg

ASSIST: Deputy Rudy Draper

CASE: 13-32038