QA Sheriff 1st Annual Beer Crush

With the evidence room literally over-flowing with confiscated alcohol taken from underage persons, Sheriff R.Gery Hofmann decided to dispose of it in a different manner.

“With the planned remodeling of additional space we no longer had the space to store such a quantity” said Hofmann. “With small amounts, the evidence officer opens it and simply pours it down the drain but then our office smells like a brewery.”

On Thursday (December 16th) assisted by the County Public Works, with Sheriff Hofmann at the wheel the confiscated booze was “flat out” reduced to nothing but recycled material using a road construction roller.

The event was filmed by QAC TV and the Board of Education and will be used to complete traffic safety and public service announcements about underage drinking and social hosting with teenagers. Some of the rough footage has already been posted on YouTube and can be accessed at After the crushing, trustee inmates from the Detention Center assisted by cleaning up the cans for recycling.

Special thanks go to QA County Public Works, QA County Roads, QA Board of Education, QA County Safety Committee, QA Detention Center and the Deputy Sheriff’s of Queen Anne’s County.