QA Sheriff Press Releases 6/7/2013

image001 (400 x 133)INCIDENT: THEFT

DATE / TIME: 05/30/2013 @ 0949 Hours

LOCATION: 631 Main Street Church Hill

VICTIM: Jesse Freeman of Centreville


NARRATIVE: Mr. Freeman, a teacher at Church Hill Elementary School reported leaving his classroom for a couple of hours during the afternoon to attend field day. Upon returning he discovered his black 16 Gig iPad was missing. The iPad was valued at $650.


DEPUTY: Dfc. George Sewell

CASE: 13-15811



DATE / TIME: 05/30/2013 @ 1116 Hours

LOCATION: 2700 Block of Starr Road, Queen Anne

VICTIM: Doris L. Greiner


NARRATIVE: Victim reported a small white and blue dinghy had been stolen from her yard sometime between April 28th and May 23rd. The dinghy was valued at $300.


DEPUTY: Sgt. Earl “Duke” Johnston

CASE: 13-15822



DATE / TIME: 05/31/2013 @ 0626 Hours (Reported)

LOCATION: 324 Centreville Road, Queenstown

VICTIM: J.W. Shepard Plumbing


NARRATIVE: Employee of the business arrived to work and discovered the office had been ransacked during the previous night. Nothing was reported missing however there was an estimated $400 in damages.


DEPUTY: Deputy Mitch Jones

CASE: 13-15905



DATE / TIME: 05/31/2013 @ 2257 Hours

LOCATION: Damsontown Road @ Crouse Mill Road, Queen Anne

VICTIM: Marion B. Wilson of Centreville


NARRATIVE: Victim reported he had been called by someone who knew he farmed that area. The caller stated that a black S-10 pickup and a dark GMC truck had been seen on the property. When the victim arrived, the trucks were gone and he found that a tractor at the location had been tampered with. Several hoses had been cut allowing about 500 gallons of liquid fertilizer to leak. Damages to the tractor and field crop was estimated at $4600.


DEPUTY: Sgt. Mark Carr

CASE: 13-15991



DATE / TIME: 06/01/2013 @ 0427 Hours

LOCATION: 1900 Block of Peters Corner Road, Sudlersville


ARREST: Sammy Guadalope Mendez Bartolow (29) of Sudlersville

CHARGE: DWI & Driving without a License


NARRATIVE: Dfc. Goodman was dispatched to the location after homeowners called to report a male knocking on their door and covered in blood. A short distance from the residence a red passenger vehicle was seen in a field, well off the roadway.


Medical personnel was already on the scene treating the subject for a laceration above his right eye. The subject was identified by a Guatemalan ID. The victim stated he had fallen asleep driving home and had struck his head on the steering wheel when he went off the roadway. Bartolow was transported to Chester River Medical Center by Ambulance. Dfc. Goodman completed his investigation at the scene and then went to the Medical Center. There , Bartolow admitted to having consumed several beers before driving.


Since he was being treated and Dfc. Goodman was familiar with the subject for a previous traffic violation, he was issued citations for DWI and Driving without a license at the hospital.


DEPUTY: Dfc. Eric Goodman

CASE: 13-16014


INCIDENT: Domestic

DATE / TIME: 06/01/2013 @ 0617 Hours

LOCATION: 200 Kent Landing, Stevensville


NARRATIVE: Deputies were called to the location by a 43 year old female who reported she and a male friend (45) had met at a homeless shelter on the western shore and decided to take a vacation in Ocean City. According to the female they took the bus to Anne Arundel County and hitch hiked as far as Stevensville. They spent the night in a wooded area near the K-Mart. She also advised both of them had been drinking, that an argument over possessions had occurred and the male had struck her in the arm. The male was located at the Park & Ride and denied striking her and wanted to get away from her. Neither subject wanted charges. The female was given a ride to a location in Anne Arundel, while the male waited for a bus to continue to Ocean City.


DEPUTY: Deputy Nathaniel Burns

ASSIST: Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE: 13-16018


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency / Assault

DATE / TIME: 06/01/2013 @ 0846 Hours

LOCATION: Roberta Drive, Chester


ARREST: Pending

CHARGE: Assault


NARRATIVE: Family member reported the a male (50) at the residence had acted so strangely that she left the house and spent the night at a friend’s. The male had shown up there that morning and wanted to borrow a cell phone. During that time he grabbed her arm and pushed her into a truck.


Another family member reported that the male was acting as though he was using CDS – possibly PCP and that he had an open wound that was infected on his foot.


Deputies responded to the residence and met with the male. Having dealt with the man in the past, they could tell he was acting strange talking about buildings that weren’t there and repeatedly saying various items were his. He was also having problems breathing and his foot had an open hole and appeared infected.


The male was taken into custody and transported to Easton Memorial for treatment. Charges of assault are pending.


DEPUTY: Deputy Steve Matthews

ASSIST: Cpl. J. Brockman

CASE: 13-16026



DATE / TIME: 06/02/2013 @ 0006 Hours

LOCATION: Goodhands Creek Landing, Chester


ARREST: Richard Perry Sweet III (38) of Chester



NARRATIVE: A blue Pontiac Grand Am was parked at the landing, running and with the lights on. A deputy checking the area observed two persons in the car and made contact with the driver, identified as Richard Sweet. An odor of alcohol was present and two open cans of beer were in the car.


Mr. Sweet was asked to attempt several field sobriety tasks and based on the observations of the deputy was placed under arrest for DWI. He was charged at the scene and released at his residence.


DEPUTY: Deputy Kevin Parks

CASE: 13-16112


INCIDENT: Medical Emergency

DATE / TIME: 06/02/2013 @ 0816 Hours

LOCATION: Thompson Creek Shopping Center, Stevensville

VICTIM: Male (45) of Pittsville, MD


NARRATIVE: Deputies responded to location for a report of a male passed out behind a dumpster at Food Lion. When checked the deputies recognized him as the same male from a domestic the day before at Kmart. The male was extremely intoxicated and was holding an empty Vodka bottle. After a few statements, the male passed out again and became unresponsive. EMS responded and transported him to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.


DEPUTY: Deputy Steve Matthews

CASE: 13-16140