QAC and YMCA Sign Agreement

After many years of meetings and discussions the YMCA and Queen Anne’s County have come to terms to create a YMCA facility in Centreville.

The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the YMCA of the Chesapeake, Inc. on November 26. The MOU is a legal document that outlines what each party will bring to the table.

The county is providing the land, which is located off of Route 304 across the street from Centreville Middle School and Queen Anne’s County High School. The county had purchased this parcel several years ago with both the YMCA and a future county office building complex in mind.

“The proximity of this property to three schools; QACHS, Centreville Middle School and Kennard Elementary School, which are all within walking distance, makes this a great location for the Y,” said Commissioner David Dunmyer. “Also the Centreville site is centrally located in the county to better serve all residents of the county.”

Commission President Phil Dumenil said, “This partnership with the Y will provide not only recreational opportunities for our citizens but social and educational ones as well. The Y’s commitment to providing these services for every citizen regardless of their financial situation will be a great benefit to the families of our county.”

“While some may question the why the County is providing funding for a Y, the lack of an indoor pool in this county would have eventually led us to funding one at one or both of the high schools,” said Dumenil. “Through this partnership though, the county will not be burdened with the operating/maintenance/staffing costs associated with an indoor pool which can be extremely high. We see it as a win-win.”

According to the MOU, the county commits to expend up to $8 million for design and construction of the facility and the YMCA agrees to reimburse the county $4 million within seven years. The county, with input from the YMCA, will oversee design and construction of the facility, but once completed the YMCA will be solely responsible for maintenance and repairs of the facility. The YMCA will staff, manage and operate the facility. Although the county will own the building, the MOU establishes the agreement that the county will lease the facility to the YMCA for a period of 99 years at a cost of $1 per year.

The MOU also allows for the YMCA and the county’s Board of Education to work with each other for shared-use or other types of agreements allowing the schools and the YMCA to be able to use each other’s facilities “in a manner that is mutually beneficial.”

The county also acknowledges that the YMCA may begin programs and activities before the completion of the facility.