QAC Electric Board Votes to Forgo Pay to Help Budget Deficit

The five members of Queen Anne’s County’s electric board surprised the county with a letter stating that they will no longer accept payment for serving on the board.

“The Electric Board is aware of the difficult task you have trying to meet the current budget cuts…at the February meeting the Electrical Board unanimously voted to have regular meetings without compensation,” wrote Chairman Charles Lansinger. “On behalf of the Electrical board I feel everyone should do a part in obtaining a balanced budget no matter how small.” In addition to Lansinger, board members, Glen Ankenbrand,  Claude Anthony, Michael Schiwy and Clark German voted to serve without pay. Historically board members meet on the fourth Friday of each month and because of the degree of expertise needed, have been paid a stipend of $60 each per meeting. The result of their unanimous vote is a savings to the county of $3,600 annually.

The board is technically called the Electrical Examiners and Supervisors board and their purpose is to review or provide application procedures and requirements for obtaining a master electrical license, provide examinations, oversee appeals and electrical code violations and complaints.