QAC Seeking Residents to Fill Vacancies on the Police Accountability Board

The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners are seeking civilians to fill vacancies on the new Police Accountability Board. This is a voluntary position and the deadline for applications will remain open until filled. A retired citizen with 20 years of law enforcement background is required for one of the vacant positions.
Queen Anne’s County first adopted Resolution #22-02 (the Resolution can be found at on March 22, 2022 which will become effective on July 1, 2022.  The appointed terms are for four (4) years, the Chairperson will serve a term of five (5) years.
The Police Accountability Board will:
(1) hold quarterly meetings with heads of law enforcement agencies and otherwise work with law enforcement agencies and the county government to improve matters of policing
(2) appoint civilian members to charging committees and trial boards
(3) receive complaints of police misconduct filed by members of the public
(4) on a quarterly basis, review outcomes of disciplinary matters considered by charging committees
(5) by December 31st each year, submit a report to the governing body of the county that identifies any trends in the disciplinary process of police officers in the county and makes recommendations on changes to policy that would improve police accountability in the county
Anyone interested in serving on a QAC board, commission or committee is encouraged to send a letter of interest and a brief resume to or via mail to Shari Hershberger, 107 N. Liberty Street, Centreville, MD 21617. Please include your address and phone number.  Those with questions may also reach Ms. Hershberger at 410-758-4098. Detailed information about each board, commission or committee is available at, just type “Boards and Commissions” in the search box.