QASO Investigating Attempted Child Abductions

The Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release describing its investigations in response to inquiries about an attempted child abduction and other suspicious activity. On Saturday, September 10, a teenage boy was running home on Castle Marina Road in Chester and was approached by a black SUV driven by an individual with whom he was familiar. The driver offered him a ride home, but the boy declined the invitation. The boy told his mother who reported the incident to the sheriff’s office. According to the sheriff’s office, the mother also was familiar with the individual driving the vehicle and was not concerned that he offered the ride, but she felt that she should notify someone.

On Sunday night, September 11, Centreville Police responded to a similar incident near the town wharf. The investigation found that there was not an attempt at abduction, but determined that the incident was suspicious in nature.

A third incident occurred on September 12 when a blue truck was reported to be driving around the Kent Island Estates neighborhood. The vehicle stopped at a stop sign and motioned a juvenile across the road to cross. The occupants of the vehicle never made contact with the child, but the complainant found the occupants to be suspicious because they were not from the area and had been driving around the neighborhood.

The sheriff’s office is encouraging all county residents to report suspicious activity involving vehicles, persons, or incidents to local law enforcement.