Queen Anne’s County Arts Council’s Centre for the Arts Art Classes This Winter

The Queen Anne’s County Arts Council’s Centre for the Arts kicks off the new decade with great classes for students of all ages. From ballroom dancing to marketing for artists and pre-k gymnastics to Spanish, there really is something for everyone. Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming up:
DRIFTWOOD FACE CARVING Innovative wood carver Tom Yates is back! Tom will show students through demonstrations and their own works, the fundamentals of carving faces into wood. 4 weeks, Fridays, 6 – 8 pm. 2/5 – 2/26. $95 ($75 members) Ages  16+. Register by 1/29. Tom Yates has been creating his unique driftwood and tree spirits for almost twenty years. He creates his work at his studio, Wild Wood, in Grasonville.

ADVANCED MARKETING II  The goal in this workshop is to develop an action plan for established artists who have attended several shows and want to expand exposure and sales opportunities. Advertising, public relations and selling will be discussed. Individual goals and specific strategies are foremost in this productive workshop that includes special guest speakers. 2 days, Thursday,  9am – 12pm, 1/21 and 1/28. $125 ($105 members). Ages  21+. Register by 1/14. Robert Koenke is past publisher and editor of Wildlife Art Magazine. He has taught over 3500 students worldwide at institutions such as the Teton School of Art, the Beartooth School of Art and Susan K. Black Foundation workshops. He has published over 24,000 pages of art, co-published four books and produced several videos on art appreciation, marketing and museums.

BEGINNNING and INTERMEDIATE BALLROOM  Beginning Ballroom and Latin dance teaches the basic steps, rhythms and techniques of each dance in 4 week sessions, while intermediate students will advance their knowledge of each dance and further develop their dance style. It won’t be long before you are feeling confident in all your new dance steps. 4 weeks, Wednesdays. Tango: 7 – 7:50 pm. 1/13 – 2/3 (snow date 2/10). Waltz: 8 – 8:50 pm. 1/13 – 2/3 (snow date 2/10. Register by 1/7. $55 ($50 members) / person Ages 14+. Amanda Showell has taught for over thirteen years at some of the largest dance schools on the East Coast as well as Princeton University and the University of Delaware. She has trained with a number of the finest dancers in the world including Peter Eggleton and Charlotte Jorgensen.

PRE-BALLET and HOMESCHOOL BALLET  Young dancers will learn simple ballet skills, movements and combinations in preparation for the greater discipline and structure of ballet. Classes include movement songs, stretching and creative movement along with very basic beginner pre-ballet movements. As in all levels of ballet, there will be a repetitive class structure with some variations as the class progresses. The last class will be a parent observation day. Homeschool Ballet introduces students to variation of dance steps, movements and combinations. As in upper level ballet, there will be a repetitive class structure with some variations as the class progresses. The last class will be a parent observation day. 8 weeks, Tuesdays, 2 – 2:45pm, 1/19 – 3/9. Ages 5 – 10. $80 ($75 members). Alice Ford has studied dance for over ten years and has been teaching ballet and tap in Talbot County since 2004. Her great love of dance and enthusiasm toward young dancers will bring out the best in your emerging ballerina and foster a life long love of music and dance.

SPANISH for Pre-K and Up  Learning a second language is easiest at an early age and opens the door to other linguistic opportunities. Studies indicate that early exposure to a foreign language increases cognitive abilities, enriches vocabulary and improves English and math scores. For little learners Spanish is introduced through games, songs and repetition in an engaging and amusing way. Older students will also benefit from lessons that are informative and also fun. Ten separate classes are offered starting with a Toddler Fun with Spanish class, all the way up to Spanish for Homeschool students at the high school level. The full schedule is available at www.arts4u.info or by contacting the Centre. All Spanish classes begin the first week of February. Liamar Young has 25 years of experience in public speaking, speech scripting, advertising, brochure writing, public relations and promotions for the United States, Latin America and European markets. She has done extensive international translations of brochures and presentations for the Spanish speaking population and has earned many awards for her work locally and abroad. The registration deadline for these classes is one-week prior to start date.

PRE-K GYMNASTICS Young ones will have great fun learning acrobatics, dance, and tumbling skills for a stage performance with instructor Shari Riepe. Register by 1/19. 6 weeks  Tuesdays 9:30 – 10:15am. 1/26 – 3/2. $47 ($42 members) Ages 3-5. Riepe is a former National Fitness & Gymnastics competitor who has been teaching for 24 years. She teaches classes for both children and adults in various locations in tumbling, theatre, dance elements, stunts, Yoga, stretching, and strives to make each class fun.

The Centre for the Arts classes are designed to renew existing artistic interests, and to develop new skills. Registration materials are available at 206 South Commerce St. in Centreville, MD Tuesday-Friday from 9am to 5 pm and Saturday from 10am to 2pm, or by calling 410-758-2520, online, www.arts4u.info, or request via email at exhibit@arts4u.info. The Centre receives support through a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.
The Queen Anne’s County Arts Council, Inc., is a non-profit organization committed to promoting, expanding and sustaining the arts.  Visit us on the web at www.arts4u.info.