Queen Anne’s County Master Gardener Volunteers Visit Local Orchid Grower

By: Rachel Melvin, Horticulture Educator & Master Gardener Coordinator-Queen Anne’s County

The Queen Anne’s County Master Gardener Volunteers took advantage of the cool September weather and visited local orchid enthusiast, Roger Cole, owner and operator of Arbec Orchids in Queen Anne, MD.  Roger has been actively growing and judging orchids for over 30 years and his knowledge on orchids is bounding.  His greenhouses offer many different varieties of orchids but he mostly grows orchids of the Cattleya genius.  Cattleya genius orchids can be found in their native habitat of Costa Rica to tropical South America, but they are readily available at most home and garden stores today.  They are widely known by their large, showy flowers and have been used in the cut flower industry for some time.  This variety of orchid grows best when they have 4 to 6 hours of strong sun on their leaves.  An east or west window in your home with sunlight at noon is an excellent choice for your Cattleya orchid to grow.

If you would like more information on orchids you can visit Roger at the Easton Market Square on Saturday mornings.

For information contact: Rachel Melvin, (410) 758-0166 or rmelvin1@umd.edu; or visit Queen Anne’s County Extension, 505 Railroad Avenue, Suite 4,Centreville, MD 21617;

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In photo: Roger Cole (Right) educates Queen Anne’s County Master Gardeners (pictured left to right) Nancy O’Conner, Rodger Tilden, Carol Romano, Lynn Wait, and Julie the many varieties of orchids Tompkins on grown in commercial greenhouses.