Queen Anne’s County Opens Recycling Center at Chesapeake College

Queen’s Anne County and Chesapeake College recently opened a new recycling station for the campus and Wye Mills community.

Located behind the Chesapeake College maintenance building, along Route 662, the station features a small car lot for convenient drop off, designed and built by the Queen Anne’s County Department of Public Works Roads Division. Various types of glass, aluminum, plastic and paper can now be dropped off in the station’s igloos.

Wye Mills resident Diana Deitterick said the station is a useful addition to the community.

“Having our own center encourages those of us who live in the area to recycle,” Deitterick said.  “The new station is in a safe, convenient location.  We all know that we should recycle, but it’s much easier to do when you have a center close to your home.”

Chesapeake’s Director of Facilities Monte Garrettson worked with representatives of Queen Anne’s County to have the receptacles moved to campus. Garrettson said that students and employees frequently asked for an on-site recycling station.

“This is the type of project that benefits both the college and our surrounding community. This center shows real progress on our strategic goal of sustainability. We’re also happy to help Wye Mills residents in their recycling efforts,” said Mike Kilgus, Chesapeake’s vice president for administrative services.

The nearest recycling station to Wye Mills was located on the east side of the U. S.  Route 50 and Route 404 intersection.

“Residents who wished to use the igloos had to cross a busy highway two times and, because the Route 50/404 site was more remote, it was more difficult to monitor trash and dumping by irresponsible individuals,” said James Wood, Coordinator of the Mid-Shore Regional Recycling Program.  Wood said the new recycling drop-off station on Route 662 will be more convenient for both Wye Mills residents and Chesapeake College students and staff.

“This is another example of how the County Commissioners act regionally and locally,” said Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Paul Gunther. “The igloos are a great addition for the students and staff of Chesapeake College and for the residents of Wye Mills and the surrounding area. We are very proud to be part of these collaborative efforts,” he said.