Queen Anne’s County Commissioners Meeting January 28, 2014

QAC SealRecap of the 1-28-14 Queen Anne’s County Commissioners Meeting

Tuesday’s meeting began at 3:30 with a closed session to discuss a DES reorganization plan (and for those of you at DES, please do not worry as it does not include any staff reductions!).  This plan included additional staffing for a north county station EMS station, conversion of 3 existing part-time positions to full-time due to the Obama Care restrictions on part-time hours worked before paying health care benefits, and changes to the management structure (addition of a deputy director and support services manager).  It was decided that we would move forward with the conversion of part-time to full-time but would leave the other changes to be addressed in the FY15 budget cycle.

This closed session is followed by an administrative session with Leslie to discuss boards and commissions.  The result of this session was a 3-2 vote in open session to appoint Bill Sylvester and Robert Priest to the Planning Commission.  The commissioners also discussed which boards and commissions they would serve on, list is attached.

2014 Commissioner Representation on Boards and Commissions

Tab 2 – Action Items:

#1 – Letter of support to for Senate Bill 38 concerning the appointment of Chesapeake College Board of Trustee appointments (same bill was introduced last year and the board supported) – approved

#2 – Letter of no support for Senate Bill 31 concerning majority plus one for capital project debt authorization (same bill introduced last year and the board did not support) – approved

#3 – Letter of thanks to Sudlersville VFD for their help with the flooding at Foxxtown Senior Center – approved

#4 – Letter of thanks to Community Fire Company, Millington for their help with the flooding at Foxxtown Senior Center – approved

#5 – Semi – Annual report for Matapeake Professional Park CDBG funding – signed

#6 – Request to supplement in-house tar and chip program with American Paving Fabrics via Ann Arundel county bid – approved

#7 – Utility Easement agreement to install conduit for fiber optic cable to P&Z building – approved

#8 – Request to schedule public hearing for Eastern Shore Genesis Growth Allocation – scheduled

#9 – Request from BOE to transfer capital project funds to Stevensville Middle School – approved

#10 – Categorical transfer requests from BOE from transportation and operations to maintenance – approved

#11 – Budget Amendment CC-13 to reduce Family Services Grant – approved

#12 – Budget Amendment CC-15 to move Social Services CARE Coordinator position from Salaries and Benefits to Other Charges – approved

#13 – Budget Amendment CC-16 to increase budget authority for Inmate Welfare – approved

#14 – Budget Amendment CC-17 to accurately reflect revenue received for Community Partnerships CARE program – approved

#15 – Budget Amendment CC-18 to accurately reflect revenue and expenses for grants from Governor’s Office for Children – approved

#16 – Budget Amendment CC-19 for increase budget authority for Moderately Priced Housing program using prior year fund balance -approved

Tab 3 Information Items:

#17 – Letter from MDoT concerning State Report on Transportation Funding.  Reports can be found online at www.ctp.maryland.gov

#18 – Letter from SHA regarding public informational meeting for Stevensville Main Street project, Wed Jan 29, 2014 from 6pm – 8pm at Chesapeake Heritage & Visitors Center (this has been postponed to Feb 5th; same time and place)

#19 – Letter from MDE concerning Tidal Wetlands Application for Lot 7 at Matapeake Professional Park.  More information was required and Lane Engineering has supplied it

#20 – MDE Water Management Administration notice of applications for permits

#21 – MES notice of permit submitted for Midshore II land fill

#22 – Copy of letter of support for CBEC Bond Bill request (for the bi-weekly $10 ACME gift card, what was CBEC know as before it was CBEC??)

#23 – Letter from Shane Moore to James Friel re his request for tar and chipping of Wrights Neck and Spider Web roads (both scheduled for this spring/summer)

#24 – MDE  Loan Application – Phase I for SKI

#25 – P&Z Departmental update

#26 – BOE transfers within major categories; supplies to salaries and other charges, contract services and transfers to salaries

#27 – Dorchester County Council letters of support to state for Senate Bills 31 and 38

#28 – Agro-Ecology, Inc request for completion of survey for an Eastern Shore Local Government Exchange program

#29 – Kent County Resolution invoking its authority to engage federal and state agencies

#30 – Notice from citizen for Water Appropriations permit

#31 – Adjacent property owners notification of project

#32 – Request for information from Greater Grasonville Civic Association regarding Royal Farms project

#33 – Letter to Senator Hershey requesting help with special exception from SHA for highway access to 313 for Power Electronics

#34 – Letter from David A. Bramble, Inc regarding prevailing wage determination for Midshore II Cell 2 construction

#35 – Email string from Centreville Police  Chief Rhodes concerning future of State Police staffing of County Drug Task Forces

#36 – Thank you letter from homebuyer utilizing  the MPDU second Mortgage Financing program.  Thanks Candice!

#37 – Letter from Don West announcing his retirement from West Recreation

#38 – Letter from Commission Candidate Steve Wilson concerning capital budget

#39 – Letter of support from citizens for North County EMS station

#41 & #42 – Desk items, letters of support for Emergency Radio Governance bill to House Appropriations Committee and House Health and Government Operations Committee  – approved.

Tab 4, Private Section:

A) – Memo from Margie concerning commissioner’s boards and commissions

Tab 5, Presentations:

I) – Character Counts proclamation – 5:50

II) – Emily Granger proclamation – 2013 Wendy’s High School Heisman winner – 6:30 – Emily was not able to make it so will hold for future meeting

III) – North County EMS Options – Director Kevin Aftung – 6:35 – excellent job on this Kevin!

IV) – National Mentoring Month proclamation – 7:30

V) – BOE Stevensville Middle School capital budget request for extra funding – Dr. Williamson – 7:45 – request for additional $1.3mil funding tabled until next meeting

Other presentations:

– 7:00 – Ken Kozel, Shore Health Update

– 7:40 – FEC Officers Swearing in

Tab 7, Legislative:

County Ordinance 13-16 – Designation of IDA, Critical Areas – approved County Ordinance 13-25 – Elimination of County Commissioners Compensation for Roads Board – Hearing at 6:00, held for next meeting County Ordinance 13-27 – Grasonville Medical Services Impact Fees – Hearing at 6:05, held for next meeting County Ordinance 13-28 – Tax Setoff for Municipalities – Hearing at 6:10, held for next meeting County Ordinance 14-01 – Prohibition of Certain Clauses in Procurement Contracts – introduced and scheduled for a hearing.