Queen Anne’s County Commissioners Release 2023 County Budget

The County Commissioners have scheduled three public hearings to inform residents about the proposed Fiscal Year 2023 County budget.  Residents can attend any of the identical public hearings which will be held in Stevensville, Centreville and Sudlersville. 
The County budget comes in at $171.4 million for FY 2023. This balanced budget has been accomplished without any tax rate increases and extends the flat property tax rate for the 12th consecutive year. 
The FY 2023 budget also includes funding the full amount requested by the Board of Education which is equal to $1.2 million over the required Maintenance of Effort.
The County maintains a strong financial position with the fourth lowest tax rate of all Maryland counties while maintaining our triple AAA bond rating, the best rating on the Eastern Shore.  
The next step in our budget process is to hear from our residents before the final adoption of the budget on or before June 14.
Budget Hearings and Locations:
May 23, 2022
Bayside Elementary School
301 Church Street
Stevensville, MD
7:00 PM
May 24, 2022
Liberty Building
107 North Liberty Street
Centreville, MD
7:00 PM
May 25, 2022
Sudlersville Middle School
600 Charles Street
Sudlersville, MD
7:00 PM
To review the proposed budget you can visit https://www.qac.org/587/Budget-Section or www.qac.org and search “Budget Section”
Some of the FY 2023 Budget Highlights include:
  • Board of Education Administrative Building Project
  • Board of Education High School Roofing Project
  • Board of Education Athletic Field Tracks Rehabilitation
  • Board of Education Historic Preservation Centreville High & Crumpton Elementary
  • Health Department Community Health Outreach Services  
  • Workforce Recruitment & Retention
  • Library Service Expansion
  • Blue Heron Golf Course Rehabilitation of Front Nine Greens
  • Information Technology Infrastructure & Broadband
  • Addition of EMS Crew to provide enhanced services to South County Regions
  • Bay Bridge Airport Runway Rehabilitation
  • Kent Narrows Dredging
  • Detention Center Renovation and Expansion
  • Snow Removal Operational Improvements – Salt Brining and GPS technologies
  • Southern Kent Island Sewer System Phases II and III
  • Kent Narrows Landscaping and Grounds Beautification
  • Roads, Public Landings and Utility Systems Preservation
All our public hearings will be broadcasted live on QACTV, You Tube, QACTV Facebook and on Breezeline Channel 7 or 507. For more information about making public comment at the meeting go to www.qac.org/1430/Public-Comment-During-Live-County-Meetin  or visit www.qac.org and search “public comment”.