Queen Anne’s County Government Prepares for Fiscal Year 2025 Budget

As the fiscal year 2025 approaches, Queen Anne’s County Government gears up for the annual budgetary process. The County Administrator’s budget was presented to the County Commissioners during their meeting on March 26.

Following this initial presentation, the budget process will continue with active participation from the Commissioners in a series of budget work sessions. These sessions are designed to foster discussions and gather feedback on various aspects of the budget.

The schedule for the upcoming budget work sessions is as follows:
March 28, 5:00 pm: Budget Work Session 1 – Board of Education, Library, Department of Emergency Services, and Office of the Sheriff.
April 2, 5:00 pm: Budget Work Session 2 –Parks and Recreation, and Public Works.
April 11, 5:00 pm: Budget Work Session 3 – Outside Agency Grants and Capital Budget.

The Municipal Tax Set Off hearing is scheduled to take place on April 9 during the regular County Commissioners meeting.

Residents and stakeholders will have the opportunity to engage with the budget process as all work sessions will be broadcasted live, akin to County Commissioners meetings. These sessions will be accessible on Breezeline Channel 7 and 507, QACTV’s YouTube and Facebook channels, as well as at qac.org/live for later viewing.

Subsequent to these work sessions, the proposed budget will be published on qac.org and distributed via mail to county residents on May 1. The public will have a chance to provide input on the county budget during a series of Public Hearings tentatively scheduled for May 20-22.
For further details regarding the county budget process, residents are encouraged to visit qac.org and search for “Budget and Finance”.